Media Create hardware sales (10/18 - 10/24)

The latest hardware sales from Japan have been released, with Move making its debut in the territory.

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Hardbladestone3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

Wow watch those wii numbers keep droping and the DS numbers .......

Fishy Fingers3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

It's (Wii) basically following a slightly exaggerated PS2 trend. Couldnt maintain the momentum forever, especially with strong competition. Plenty of life left in it yet though, they should just heavily slash the price. Maybe follow suit and knock out a redesign.

DarkTower8053129d ago

PSP – 32,591
PS3 – 20,128
DSi LL – 15,819
DSi – 14,703
Wii – 11,971
DS Lite – 3,887
Xbox 360 – 2,162
PS2 – 1,222
PSP go – 924

For comparison’s sake, here are the hardware numbers from last week.

PSP – 37,127
PS3 – 22,201
DSi LL – 21,084
DSi – 20,084
Wii – 12,810
DS Lite – 5,268
Xbox 360 – 2,342
PS2 – 1,715
PSP go – 1,590

Killed4Less3129d ago

Wait till the holiday and the Wii will beat everybody.

I know this because Michael Pachter says so.

SWORDF1SH3128d ago

Think the wii sales are gonna keep dropping?? Think again. Nintendo have more than enough space to price cut and keep the momentum up. But they are not going to rush to it with christmas looming.

Quick prediction. Wii price cut early next year.

SyphonFilter3128d ago

Nintendo wont drop the wii price in any territory till next fall. plus they already dropped the price in japan and still are losing to ps3,there is no point in dropping it.

SWORDF1SH3128d ago

ok maybe the wii market is saturated. Nintendo just said they have shipped 75M wiis. Thats huge for a short period of time. Something was gonna give.

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showtimefolks3129d ago

out wii sales will drop just because a lot of families will look at ps3 as a HD wii with built in bluray and netflix(also on xbox360 and wii)

so ps3 could become their one console for do it all

casual/core games

sony has put them self in a great position with move launch.

qface643129d ago

i always think its silly when someone says now that move is out its gonna sell more than the wii come on get serious

you really think allot of the type of people who bought wiis are gonna pay twice as much as a wii just to get something simple like motion controls?

N4Great3128d ago

..hmm better hardware, better games, bluray, better motion control.

"Twice as much" is not enough !

acere3129d ago

wow thebox been beating the ps2

Simco8763129d ago

Japan knows the difference between a good system and a bad one. Even if its a decade older than the new stuff....

Dread3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

Xbox 360 – 2,162
PS2 – 1,222

Its nothing to be excited about, but it contradicts your claim that the ps2 beat the 360m in japan.

Edit: sorry dude i misread your post. i thought you said the opposite.

blackburn53129d ago

acere I hope that's sarcasm or just an observation because the 360 beating Sony's 10 year old console is not an accomplishment. Anyway, all this talk about Nintendo dying and all that is nonsense. People are waiting on the 3DS which explains the lack of sales for the other handhelds and everyone who wanted a Wii has one, so of course sales have slowed down.

moparful993128d ago

I like how you dismiss these poor sales as pre 3ds holdout.. Honestly dude nintendo has exhausted this gravy train...

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