Lens of Truth - Head2Head: Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom Demo Screenshot Comparison

Lens of Truth writes "The demo for Game Rupublic's upcoming Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom was released yesterday on Xbox Live and PSN. Today where here to show you any differences we might have found between the two versions. As for the game itself, it reminded us a lot of the ICO series (and that's good), although Publisher Namco Bandai states that Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom "was in development long before The Last Guardian was announced". Whatever the case, if you plan on picking up MatFK on November 23rd, you'll definitely want to check out our Head2Head to make sure you choose the right version."

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Iceballs5009d ago

Can't wait for this to come out.

Soul Train5009d ago

The demo was good but not ICO or SotC quality. Combat was pretty annoying.

despair5008d ago

really I thought the combat wasn't bad, not amazing but you have to rely on the Majin alot like its supposed to be, plus you get to level up thats always a good thing.

What I really liked was the feel of the game it was lighthearted with a serious side like at the end of the demo, looks like a lot of fun and how can you not love the Majin.

FACTUAL evidence5008d ago (Edited 5008d ago )

PS3 is on a HUGE winning streak with multi-plats lately. Ps3 is clearly the winner in this H2H. With sharper textures, color and alignment with models. Example look at the force field barrier door. I'd say if you're willing to get this game, and own both consoles, PS3 is the way to go for this title. Happy gaming peeps.

EDIT: @Bigpappy
Who are you trying to fool? Surely you don't even believe wtf you said. Stay in denial though. Ps3 resolution triumphs over the 360. Face it, yet another multi-plat the PS3 dominated the 360 in. The game is turning.

units5008d ago

one version is darker and other brighter

raztad5008d ago

I'm not surprised if this title looks good in the PS3. Thos guys made the beautiful Genji 2 and Folklore. They have a good experience working on the PS3.

tinybigman5008d ago

Since I loved Folklore (very under rated) ill be supporting them by buying this game. I really liked the demo

xYLeinen5009d ago

Xbox version looks rather darker. PS3 version brighter with more vivid colors and contrasts.

donkeydoo5009d ago

Contrast differences thats all.

Bigpappy5008d ago

Look at the tiles and the flower pot on the back of the monster. 360 version is a higher resolution, with richer color (because it is darker), and is also sharper.

360 win this one easily, unlike Vanquish.

sdtarm5008d ago

its actually the other way u dmbass

donkeydoo5009d ago

Maybe, but need to play the demo first. Didn't even know the demo was out.

donkeydoo5009d ago

but it can be fixed. Unlike lower rez normal maps.

Joe Bomb5009d ago

This game should be $39.99. Looks fun but not $60.00 fun.

Tempjf5008d ago

Looks kinda of crap, but the PS3 wins

tinybigman5008d ago

Imo gamers this generation are a lost cause. Developers try to bring us something different and y'all rag on it. Im getting this game because I loved Folklore and from what I've played of demo I like how it looks ans feel.

jc485735008d ago (Edited 5008d ago )

I will be picking this game up for 34.99 on the day of its release. You guys are way too slow.