Sign up for the Games for Windows newsletter, receive 100 MP

Microsoft is wanting a larger slice of the PC gaming market. With that, they are about to relaunch there Games for Windows Marketplace come November 15th. To get you ready for the relaunch, Microsoft is offering 100 Microsoft Points when you sign up for there Games for Windows newsletter. With it, they say, “you will be amongst the first to hear about exclusive games, hot deals, special tricks, and more”.

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Charmers3126d ago

lol trying to buy PC gamers are we. Hm how terribly tempting 100 ms points that I will never use if I sign up for a newsletter telling me they are releasing 10 year old games on their revamped GFWL service.

Thanks but no thanks I will stick with other services for my entertainment needs.

SeNiLe9113126d ago

Xbox Live content so count me in.