Even Angry Birds Need Publishers -

BeefJack: "Are Rovio really deluded enough to believe that they required no help from Chillingo in order to get to where they are today?"

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TroyAndAbed3133d ago

I love Angry Birds!

Lately, I've been more addicted to Cut The Rope and Catapult Madness though. :)

Angry Birds on Move would be AMAZING! So would Cut The Rope.

bananlol3133d ago

Loved this game on my iphone, lost my save so havnt been able to check the new levels. Would have bought it but the fucking appstore wont accept my or my friends credit cards so what can you do.

3133d ago
Berzf3133d ago

For me it seems like they want to make a mobile/Ipod-game publishing company too.

The_KELRaTH3133d ago

Now purchased the Angry Birds Halloween HD version - it's fantastic fun. Glad EA didn't get their hands on it as 1)price would likely go right up 2)future versions be ruined due to using low skilled programmers.

I agree with Rovio that a publisher is no longer required as in effect iTunes IS the publisher and we are their marketing through ratings and reviews.

I wonder if Zeptolab is able to sell their Cut the Rope directly or if EA managed to grab the IP.

ohdavey3133d ago

I heart angry birds! They need more updates (more levels) cause I beat them FAST! Right now, I'm just spending my free time trying to collect all the blue eggs. Almost there!

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