Sony dismisses rumours of PSP price cut

No plans" to reduce cost, says spokesperson

Following the emergence of rumours that a PSP price cut is imminent, a Sony representative has told that there are no plans to reduce the cost of the handheld at present.

The suggestion of a PSP price cut initially came from industry analyst P.J. McNealy, who told CNN Money: "There is a price cut coming in the second half of the year."

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specialguest5384d ago

damn it! this was one rumor i wished Sony disn't dismissed.

wakkiwakko5384d ago

Awww. Still haven’t made a profit out of the PSP to cut down the price. Hahahaha. Shame. Nintendo cut the price down a whole lot because DS was a successful handheld. Hahaha. If PS3 is going to be like the PSP we aren't going to see a price cut in 2-4 years. :(

Dick Jones5384d ago

Even soo its not like Sony is gunna say yupp we're cuttin the price. They'll announce the cut when their good and ready.