Pro Evo Soccer 2008: AU Preview

When IGN caught sight of the Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 preview code for Xbox 360 sitting at reception, IGN just knew that the rest of our working week was down the drain. The image of Lucas Neill on the makeshift disc art appeared to beckon us over and IGN slipped the case into our bag like a Surry Hills shoplifter. Good times.

With our pile of PES preview code now including Xbox 360, PS2 and PC versions, IGN has a pretty good idea of what to expect later this year when everyone's favourite soccer game finally leaps into action off the bench.

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Wotbot4068d ago

The 360 version appears to be the furthest behind in development when compared to all the other platforms, which would explain the poor comparison's to the PS3 version in previous news.

At least the gameplay is there which is the main attraction.