Top 10 Remakes We'd Most Like To See

Dealspwn Writes: What with Sonic Adventures getting the re-release treatment, and the likes of Ico and Shadow of Colossus soon to be seen in glorious HD, we at Dealspwn got rather nostalgic and began to wonder what games of old we’d most like to see resurrected on our flat screens. I’m not necessarily talking a like-for-like conversion with a fresh lick of paint, but the return of an old favourite with a brand new outlook on life.

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Yi-Long3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

- Nights HD
- Sonic 1, 2, 3 and Sonic CD HD (and I rather see Sega hire the guys who did the fan-remix to be put in charge of this, instead of doing it themselfs....)
- Rallisport Challenge 2 (best rallygame ever, already gorgeous on the original Xbox, great fun to play, and sadly it's not BC...)
- Superfrog HD
- Turrican
- Revenge of Shinobi. Imagine it with graphics that are as good as Shadow Complex, or even better! Ow, and with the original bad guys.
- Streets of Rage, only this time 3D, fighting engine of Batman Arkham Asylum, Environmental interactivity and brutal moves of Mad World, and some gorgeous anime-style cell-shading, like Valkyria Chronicles or Naruto UNS2.

Oh, so many more ideas. I could go on forever.

Yi-Long3129d ago

... also add Def Jam; Fight for New York to my list. One of the best fighters of last-gen.

darthv723129d ago

With what you said about street of rage, do you mean 3D as in popping out of the screen or 3D as in changing the perspective from side scroll to 3rd person like in AA?

I'd say shadow dancer over RoS. Lets toss in some neogeo games. Magician Lord and art of fighting. Have AoF given the SF4 treatment. It could be KoF instead of AoF.

I am an old school shmup fan so I want to see a new Thunderforce game (sux that 6 is only in jp for ps2). One of the best on the genesis was Gaires for side scroll and MUSHA for vert.

Yi-Long3129d ago

...with the Arkham engine, I think you can go both ways: you can use it using a bit of a top-down from behind 3D kinda gameplay, like Madworld and Batman AA used, but AA also had some very good 2D levels where the fighting system also worked very well.

So I think you can put both types of camera-angle into the game and make it worth with that gameplay. And also, for Co-op, you just move the camera back a bit, a bit like the old Power Stone games! (another game that needs a HD remake, as well as Okami and Viewtiful Joe)

I think a Streets of Rage with the stuff I mentioned would be absolutely great. You can even use expand on the system, because obviously in Streets of Rage you also pick up weapons, and have multiple characters to choose from, and you could have special co-op moves, plus the aforementioned interactivity with the environment.

PS360fanboy3129d ago

Grim Fandango on XBLA and PSN now!

A new comix zone would be awesome!

Venox20083129d ago

what halo is doin' here?!? :)

my list:

Battletoads & Double dragon
DK 64
Streets of rage 2 & 3
Comix Zone
Super metroid
Final fantasy VII
RE 2 & 3
Syphon filter 1
Abe's oddysee & Exoddus
Contra 3: alien wars

showtimefolks3129d ago

prince of Persia
splinter cell
gta 3,vc,sa
resident evil1-4
mortal kombat
mgs 1-3

that's all i can think of right now

CimmerianDrake3129d ago

Zone of the Enders shouldn't be on that list because people want a ZoE 3 more than a remake. Plus, ZoE 2 is superior to it anyway.

Halo shouldn't be on that list for obvious reasons as well.

Chrono Trigger though could definitely use a remake for sure. Either that, or a new game in the series. Why Squaresoft C&D'ed Chrono Trigger Resurrection is a shame.

soundslike3129d ago

yes, no, no, no, no, no, no, sequel, no, NO. Just because the games were good back then, doesn't mean devs should waste their time and resources on a reboot.

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