PlayStation Blog: Warhawk Launch & New Video

Dylan Jobe reports:

Well…after staying up way too late last night playing, I'm here to say that Warhawk is LIVE and available on the PlayStation Store AND at retailers across the country!

I'd also like to extend a request for feedback regarding the game setups that we're currently running on the Warhawk Sever Cluster. Do you like the configurations? Do you want to see more CTF? More ZONE? Higher point limits? Etc. Let us know.

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Foliage4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

In the video they come across a 13 year-old kid, and start asking him "hod did you get the game already"? Do you think this might be the kid who posted about getting Lair early because his mom worked for sony?

edit: That kid seemed legit, and he had pictures of a Warhawk box, and happened to also be 13.

The chances are quite small, but funny none-the-less.

I just kept watching and they mentioned how someone just said "My mom works for Sony!" LOL

P.S. The ending of the clip was the best part

Sashy4069d ago

I also thought that it was THE KID who´s mom worked at Sony, I am pretty shure that it is him? I am gonna ask him.

Honcho4069d ago

That is so awesome!! I can't believe gamestop did not get it in today even though they have been saying they were... oh well one more day!!! can't wait!!!!!

neogeo4069d ago

just download it and help put those geeks out of biz.
that place is always full of rude crappy people. never once have I been asked if I needed some help.

Clinton5144069d ago

Is where I'm getting mine :)

pilotpistolpete4069d ago

yep, but nothing yet, i went to get it today (39$), but nothing. I'll try again tomorrow.