Diablo III on consoles is a bad idea

Play-mag: "Diablo III coming to consoles? Well that would be a bad idea."

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imvix3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

Milkvision will disagree, though yea it would be a bad idea.

kancerkid3131d ago

There is nothing gameplay wise that would keep this game of console.

captain-obvious3131d ago

i dont think its a bad idea
its just diablo is tied with PC
making a shift now would just piss off alot of fans

or just make a dumbed down consoles version and give PC the real full thing with mods and all

nix3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

oh i disagree... Diablo is all about gameplay n tactics.

toaster3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

I don't think you guys get it... just because it could work for another platform doesn't mean it should. Take every single console FPS game for instance. Devs could easily port a game to PC with 100% better visuals and better controls, but they don't because it is exclusive. The franchise is tied to a certain platform. It's what makes that platform unique. If Killzone or Halo were to be ported to PC, there'd be so much QQ I'd need a flotation device. It's not whether it could, but should.

In Diablo's case.. no, a console version would not work. The interface just couldn't work with a gamepad. The gameplay and what makes Diablo, Diablo would be broken and then nobody would be happy. Take into account hotkeys, macros, and the action would have to be slowed to a crawl for it to work on console. PC's have the advantage of having faster input. SC2 pros get into the 600 APMs(actions per minute) average, which could never be achieved with a controller.

@ below

No fucking shit... I'm talking about the newer ones. Halo CE came out years ago, and it was ported by Gearbox. Yes it does support kb/m.. but developers aren't counting on the hope that a minority of people will want to play that way. If you're going to use kb/m at least have the decency to play it on PC where the controls are tailored to the hardware. Devs will develop console gamers with a controller in mind, if they develop a console game that requires kb/m then giant fucking facepalm to them. Just develop it for PC where gamers can utilize all the keys + more.

SeanScythe3131d ago

You do know halo is on pc right?

BTW to everyone saying that it can't be done with out keyboard and mouse. Uhhh the PS3 supports both of these devices. So what is the other reason?

Nihilism3131d ago

Here is a pic for your wall, it will go lovely next to your Kaz montage.

IaMs123130d ago

SeanScythe What is the point for a keyboard/mouse on a console. Console is unique for the controller, why not just buy a PC then and have the superior visuals on most games

kancerkid3130d ago

How is Diablo about tactics? I played Diablo 1 all the way through and never used tactics. All you need is hotkeys with potions, and you are set.

Persistantthug3130d ago

The same reason that a PC gamer would choose a controller for his/her PC game.....


Why are you so against Choice and Options, IaMs12?

gamerdude1323130d ago

Um, Killzone and Halo are exclusively owned by Sony and Microsoft. Diablo isn't. Just putting that out there.

Figboy3130d ago

i meant to click agree and hit disagree.

as for the "pissing off PC fans sentiment of some people," 98% of PC games have been released on consoles this generation, from The Sims, to Civilation, to Half Life 2 and Portal. if the PC community can get over that, they can get over Diablo 3.

also, the PS3 supports mouse and keyboard, and yet developers REFUSE to allow m&k support for games that could use it. Unreal Tournament 3 on the PS3 supported it, and it worked great.

last generation, there weren't many PC games that released on the consoles, because they weren't equipped to handle them. the consoles this generation are.

i doubt Diablo 3 couldn't be done on consoles, but it's more than likely Blizzard not wanting to bother with learning to code for consoles (specifically the PS3), and that's fine by me. i'll just be missing out on Diablo 3 (i don't have a gaming PC anymore; it got to expensive to keep up with the upgrades, and with my gaming budget already severely limited, i've decided to focus on just getting console games. it's not like i'm hurting for console titles when i have a PS3 and 360).

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Persistantthug3130d ago

except of course for FANBOY reasons.

Solidus187-SCMilk3130d ago

I only played on PC, but DIABLO 2 is one of my favorite games.

I could work on consoles, but I will play on PC.

Christopher3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

Just because something hasn't been done right, doesn't mean it's not possible.

Using a combination of the left and right trigger combined with the d-pad buttons, you can have a total of 36 actions that can be quickly swapped between. Player control of course would be analog controlled rather than click and move. This still leaves the left and right bumper pads and a single button to perform any other necessary actions (interact with objects, attack, jump, whatever).

You definitely can't just port the exact same gameplay set-up from the PC, but it's far from impossible to provide a quality Diablo experience on the console.

As far as this 'belonging' on the PC, that's neither here nor there. No single genre or games belongs to a single platform except in the minds of the fans who are unable to let go.

STONEY43130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

This is honestly overly complicated, especially where on a mouse/keyboard it would be as simple as hitting a key. I mean, just think if you're trying to cast a bunch of different spells at different targets, dodging attacks, consuming potions as necessary, but instead of being a few simply key presses and clicks, it's "hold this trigger, hit this dpad direction, switch to this trigger, hit face button...", repeated 50x times for one fight... and fights happen constantly in Diablo.

"No single genre or games belongs to a single platform except in the minds of the fans who are unable to let go."

Fast paced RTS games... basically, Starcraft 2.

tacosRcool3130d ago

It is a bad idea, not only does it not seem to suite consoles but then as a whole Diablo III will be watered down just to suit the mainstream mass

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Zezo3131d ago

I want to play it on my ps3, my introduction to the first diablo was on the playstation and any game where I can choose to lounge around on a sofa while playing is damn good news. Cursed uncomfortable desktop computing =o

Letros3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

D3 is a little bit more complex than D1...most spells have to be targeted to a specific location(grenade toss, blink in the video), it's not just shoot spell to the left, right, etc. Really I don't see how this game is possible in the same fun factor and play intention without a mouse/keyboard, the PC version won't even have controller support.

imvix3131d ago

I sincerely hope there is no controller support, they would have to gimp the game to make that happen.

nix3131d ago

well.. i do wanna play this game but i really hope they bring it out on consoles. how i wish they support Move.

Mr_Bun3131d ago

As long as they don't try to make all versions equal, there shouldn't be a problem.

Monkey5213131d ago

The PS3 has keyboard and mouse control. There is no reason why this couldn't come out for it.

Letros3131d ago

Right, lets make a PS3 game require M/KB, see how well that sells, most people have a capable PC anyway.

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ChefDejon3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

with diablo 3 staying as robust as it should be on pc, then making a version that works better with consoles. This just seems like a pc fanboy wanting to have a one up on console gamers by keeping this game exclusive.

Substance1013131d ago

Blizzard would like its gamers to experience the game in all its glory. Gimping the game could compromise its brand image. Besides the game wont have very demanding requirements, will run great on even dated machines.

nix3131d ago

you know current consoles can do better than 'dated machines' except Wii.

ChefDejon3131d ago

just said "it is suited to consoles"....they just want to make it the best it can be on pc first. So I doubt it would be "gimped" enough to compromise the brand image.

IaMs123130d ago

only reason consoles are doing better on older hardware is because the devs are forced to make the games work on it. They have limitations, for a PC, its constantly being upgraded so the limitations tend to fall off, because they have so much more to work with.

STONEY43130d ago

"only reason consoles are doing better on older hardware is because the devs are forced to make the games work on it. They have limitations, for a PC, its constantly being upgraded so the limitations tend to fall off, because they have so much more to work with."

Exactly. If we on PC are able to run the games with 16xAA, 1920x1200, max settings and V-synced while over 60fps, then they're doing something wrong, and not even CLOSE to using the full potential of modern PCs.

I remember the 2003-2005 era where even top of the line cards weren't able to max out the games of that time, let alone with AA, and back then, the common LCD monitor resolution was only 1024x1024 if I remember correctly. We were hitting 30fps while not even maxing out those games. THAT is how the PC games should be. The Crysis of those days were games like Far Cry, F.E.A.R., Half-Life 2 (especially when Lost Coast was released), and it was constantly evolving.

Now? Crysis has been graphics king since 2007, and the only game on par is Metro 2033, while every other game can easily have everything maxed out with a MID-RANGE CARD at 60fps. Something is friggin wrong with that picture.

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Nihilism3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

The game features a quick bar and hot-keys spell design system, if they were to make it compatible with consoles they would have to drastically simplify it so you could toggle through the spells. Besides that, you need a mouse to to quickly click on different areas of the screen, something not possible with a slow/inaccurate gamepad, you'd be lucky to even click on the enemies with a gamepad, you'd slowly scroll the cursor...and the enemy will have moved already.

Don't even start with move, you'd have people putting an ice pack on their arm after an hour from strain. People just don't get that it's not just good graphics not capable on consoles, there are many genres not possible too.


I don't have much hope for D3, after the disappointment of SC2....I think it will be another big slap in the face to Diablo fans, anyone up for some D3 LAN...oh wait... F you Blizzard


"There is nothing gameplay wise that would keep this game of console. "
You can tell you've never played diablo...

asyouburn3130d ago

(ps, this version sucked)

xXxSeTTriPxXx3130d ago

the ps3 support mouse/keyboard right?..

Persistantthug3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

Not only is DIABLO 3 EASILY done on consoles, just like SACRED 2,

But in fact, Diablo 1 didn't suck on the PS1 nor did it affect the PC version in any way. <---that's not sucking <---PS1 version playing on the PSP moving in all 8 directions......the writer of the article lied about that.

There's not a single good or profound reason you can come up with as to why Diablo 3 couldn't or shouldn't be on consoles....not 1.

Stop acting like fanboys please...thank you.

asyouburn3130d ago

the resolution on the ps1 version is really bad in comparison, and the control scheme cannot match mouse and keyboard. i love console gaming, not a pc fanboy, but this game is clearly better on pc

Letros3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

I'll post again since you seemed to ignore it,

D3 is a little bit more complex than D1...most spells have to be targeted to a specific location(grenade toss, blink in the video), it's not just shoot spell to the left, right(WHICH IS WHAT SACRED DOES)

D3 is not some dumbed down ARPG, it REQUIRES
a mouse.

Buy a PC, and stop QQ.

Persistantthug3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

CHECK and MATE, sir.

Once again.....NO good reason at all, not one.

Edit in....I'll be looking forward to TORCHLIGHT 2 on my PS3 as well.

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IaMs123130d ago

ok after they release the PC version then they can start working on a console version so it doesnt interfere

codyodiodi3131d ago

I guess it's a good thing it's a PC exclusive.

Kakuren3131d ago

most gamers I have ran into have at least one console and a pc. Either way, its a win for me and most likely a day one buy.

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