Gran Turismo 5: Six Minutes of Pure Gameplay Footage, Track Selection

Two new videos show pure gameplay footage of Gran Turismo 5.

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Abash3133d ago

I just want to play this already. I really hope we get an official release date soon

nickjkl3133d ago

whats with this word pure

people really need to stop doing that to article titles its always

spectacular amazing pure or something

EvilBlackCat3129d ago

the floating cars!!!!! awwww to bad its not a real sim

ShinMaster3129d ago

Awwwww too bad Forza and PC sims aren't "real" sims either.

Shadow Flare3133d ago

Thanks I appreciate the YouTube links because I can't watch any videos on my phone from that craptastic site. Bubbles

Antan3133d ago

Stop approving this site for the love of god.

Fishy Fingers3133d ago

All they do is search youtube, change the player so you cant embed and post it here.

Are we really incapable of using youtube ourselves?

Antan3133d ago

Fishy, everything you could possibly want to know is always posted first on GTPlanet. All people have to do is follow the general GT5 thread. Still amazed at how many can't even do that! The only other N4G user i've seen on GTP is PirateT.

Steve_03133d ago

Hey! I'm on GTPlanet! I'm always checking that site first!
Although, I don't really post much, there or here.

Narutone663133d ago

So is Oner and a lot of other N4G user. Sadly some trolls here are also trolling the GTPlanet forums. Not to mention, a few Turn 10 employees are also caught trolling there.

Antan3133d ago

Good to know guys, at least some on here know their stuff.

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Yangus3133d ago

Where is RELEASE DATE?Enough youtube turismo!

cygnuszero23133d ago

Hehe, so true. They cancel the last date, dont release a new one. Oh yeah, Im real confident this game is coming out this year.

jd2533133d ago

I relly appreciate the small details they put into the game... like how momentum tips the car a little to the side on a turn or backwards when it accelerates

cygnuszero23133d ago

FYI, most racing sims have been doing this for years.