WTF: Write Epitaphs for Real Living Friends on FrontierVille Tombstones

Zynga does it again! FrontierVille Fan Calin writes about a strange new feature in Facebook's game FrontierVille, one that lets people write epitaphs on tombstones for their friends:

"Personally, I’m not really that comfortable with this, even though I know it should be considered to be nothing but a little Halloween fun," states Calin. "Seeing my name or the name of somebody I love or at least I know written on a Tombstone, even in a game, is spooky to say the least and I do believe that this might spark some controversy since I’m sure I’m not the only one who doesn’t feel comfortable seeing his name (or writing the name of some living being) on a tombstone, even if it’s just a virtual one…"

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