Disgaea 4 gets all sexy

"The pink-haired girl in these images is a government financial officer. Apparently some of her 'business' is…um…crawling in bed with anime girls?" -RPG Land

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knifefight3131d ago

NIS dishing out the loli by the ton these days.

Baka-akaB3131d ago

these days ? Disgaea 1's most popular chars were two lolis .

Xof3131d ago

When was Disgaea NOT sexy?

Nicaragua3131d ago

Disgaea 3 being an upscaled PSP game stretched into PS3 graphics was pretty unsexy.

TheGameFoxJTV3131d ago

lol, you want graphics go play Uncharted. Want the best SRPG series ever; suck it up and play Disgaea.

Veneno3131d ago

Disgaea is back for another sexy, wacky, laugh-out-loud adventure. I can't wait!!