Famitsu review scores

Find out what Famitsu thought of Fable III.

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boogeyman9993128d ago

That's one of the higher reviews i've seen for this so far.

allyc4t3128d ago

Really? because the link doesn't work.

THE MAX SPEED 213128d ago

How is he burned though? maybe the link dint work for you but it worked well for me.

Famitsu review scores
Valay «-» October 27, 2010 «-» 360, DS, News «-» 0 comments
Fable 3 (360) – 9/9/8/9
Radiant Historia (DS) – 9/8/8/9

imoutofthecontest3128d ago

So it's lower than Final Fantasy XIII, Pokemon, Bayonetta, Nintendogs...

despair3127d ago

thats like comparing sheep and oranges completely different games with completely different play types, but I am impressed they rated Fable 3 so high, famitsu normally don't give english games much less on xbox good scores.

imoutofthecontest3127d ago

I'm making fun of the fact that people put so much stock in the meaning of a number. :)

ElementX3127d ago (Edited 3127d ago )

I'm tired of NintendoEverything. They're always posting review scores but nothing else, no descriptions or actual reviews, only a number. I no longer click on the links.

smashman983127d ago (Edited 3127d ago )

famitsu can suck it they give everything high scores now a days
ps im not saying fable 3 is bad or good im just saying they hand out high scores like theyre gettin paid to.... Ohhh wait a minute!?!?!

smashman983127d ago

apparently someone took that famitsu comment offensivley well if it makes you feel better i think they review all games equally...

I mean after all why should anygame get a low score

imoutofthecontest3126d ago

I'm with you.
Famitsu reviews are a joke. They're literally 2 sentences with a fijucking number at the end. If I wrote something like that, the internet would cook my ass in a frying pan.

But since it's in Japanese it has some maaaaaagcal aura about it, and it is the gospel truth. Hahaha gamers are pathetic sometimes.