Free Games What Need Playing: Dead Freakin’ Animator Edition

CFD! kicks off Halloweek with a new edition of Free Games What Need Playing. Rob Rich rounds up some interesting zombie games that won't cost you a dime:

"It’s October. More specifically, it’s getting close to the end of October. I think you can see where I’m going with this.

"So, in celebration and in recognition of one of the more unique Western holidays out there (aside from Talk Like a Pirate Day. And Labor Day.), we here at CFD! present you with a very special edition of Free Games What Need Playing. The initial plan was to try and gather together a few horror-themed games to keep things a little more diverse, but due to a lack of random discoveries and a glut of another very specific kind of subject matter, we went with zombies."

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RobsteinOne3129d ago

I know De-Animator has a copyright of 2004, but I swear I was playing this game more than six years ago.

ShadowPraxis3129d ago

Time gets slippery when you're dealing with a zombie horde. Days feel like weeks. Years like... more years.

acronkyoung3129d ago

Ever play the Last Stand games on Kongregate? I thought those were entertaining enough time killers.

ShadowPraxis3129d ago

I keep meaning to go to Kongregate but never have. I always hear good things though...

thisdustin3129d ago

I like the style, but I might try the demo first.

ShadowPraxis3129d ago

Been too conditioned to aim for the head - when I played De-Animator, I kept wondering why that wasn't dropping all of them. Stupid zombie lore...

Giantsquirrel3129d ago

Free?! Pffft. I love paying for games!

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