Fallout: New Vegas Update 1.01 Update Released!

[email protected] Writes: "The Fallout New Vegas Update was just released on the PS3 which fixes over 200 scripting and quests bugs in the game!"

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Brewski0073132d ago

Bought it myself and its crashed just the one time which i think is pretty good conisdering what people are saying. Have downloaded this new patch now also, so should be good to go :)

Blaster_Master3132d ago

ill try to give it a try, but im stuck at a point where the bots and me (spoiler alert) are trying to take over the legion, but they aren't following me, and Im stuck trying to fight these dudes all by myself. They are just standing in line at the gate before the HQ. Im sending it back to gamefly now. F it.

Scotty0563132d ago

Damn calm down and try different things. Talk to them? Reload the save? Leave the area and come back?

andrewsqual3132d ago

Oh right you mean the patch that was out last Saturday night. Okay then. Next N4G article please.

cygnuszero23132d ago

This is for the PS3 version genius.

andrewf913132d ago

If you were to actually read the article then you would know that this is for the PS3 version of the game.

MGRogue20173132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

... Over 200? O.O

Wow.. They've definately been doing their homework, damn.

Nihilism3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

Don't lie to yourself, they didn't find them in the last few days, they knew about them before launch, but why postpone a game when you can release it broken and make the customers patch it?


Yeah some bugs are inevitable, but when they are in the main story or intro to the game, you have to wonder if they even tested at all...

MGRogue20173132d ago

Well.. They did mention that Fallout: New Vegas is a huge open world game & that it's impossible to get everything 100% perfect.

This patch is most likely the first of many more to come, I think.

rdgneoz33132d ago

Curious if it fixed the bug for me where if I try to zone into the lucky 38 section of the strip, the game freezes. Or coming from the middle section of the strip to it, it freezes right before I even get to the door...

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The story is too old to be commented.