Why Halo: Reach's Story Is Bad, Even for a Video Game

Everything about Halo: Reach is great -- except its story. What makes Reach's narrative terrible? Read on to find out.

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ThatCanadianGuy3129d ago

Have to agree here.Wasn't really blown away by it, considering how hyped the game was.
Kind of a disappointment when i reflect back on it.

Craptain_Steel3129d ago

I concur.

Still a fun game though.

Theoneneo813129d ago

the problem with the story even though i thought it was good is you know already how it will turn out since almost any halo fan knows the reach story.

ARBitrator3129d ago

I enjoyed the game and the story. Funny how people are expecting video game stories and be on par with movies and books now.

Either way, the Halo Reach story was enough for me. I enjoyed the "so-called" bad story and the game very much.

Was really looking for a good game not an interactive book.

InTheKnow3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

Sorry Nick Noobstrom, sad attempt at hits. The game has come and gone. Sadly,your picture says it all. ;D

RedDead3129d ago

My big gripe is the ending, it could have been done so well but they just ended it randomly. Spoilers from here on, you were warned /./.Characters having an epic death makes some games Way better than they may have been. Aerith FF7, MGS1=Grey fox, Tidus ffx. You know what I mean? N6 could have had one of those deaths but he didn't, he got a little cutscene after the creds. I know games shouldn't copy others but damn it bungie, copy the japanese for their deaths.

SixZeroFour3129d ago

that wasnt an epic ending/death?

this is what that ending was about...the planet reach was doomed and there was no saving it, so you delivered the package...however noble 6 stayed back to hold off the remaining covenant on reach for as long as he could (knowing he wasnt going to live), so what that finaly bit of gameplay was supposed to do was put you in the mindset that you really need to fight for your life, and then it shows a little cutscene when you die (and even then, fought for it as hard as emile)

m233129d ago

I don't see how they could have finished it off better. I loved the ending, it if wasn't for people spoiling the game online I would've been blown away by the part after the credits.

thief3129d ago

Wasnt the ending a weak rip-off of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, which is probably one of the best game endings ever, especially if you have played FF7

nilamo3129d ago

Yuch hell no don't want any melodramatic deaths in my halo. Spartans have been raised from childhood as warriors not to fear death, it wouldn't make sense to have a heavy emotional death scene for a spartan. I love how subtle each noble died and how the team didn't dwell too long on their deaths and kept moving on. Carter saying 'carter out' before dying shows how focused they are on completing the mission even if that means death. besides reach had one of the best endings i've seen in a fps till now, the sense of impending doom has never been conveyed as effectively as that particular ending.

Dlacy13g3129d ago

You are missing the point to the end of Reach. N6 was alone, detached from everyone else and awaiting pending / certain death...

The last scene portrayed that perfectly. No matter what you did, how many Covenant you killed you kept having this feeling that eventually you were going to run out of bullets and/or health and your death was coming soon. Just like Reach, the fall of N6 was pretty much a given.

Oh and please developers...DONT copy Japanese for their deaths or stories. I don't want nor need to see some over hyped, un-realistic super natural powers death sequence.

N6 was a soilder, and died fighting to the end as he should have... end story.

IHateYouFanboys3128d ago

i couldnt have asked for a better ending to Reach.

if you thought the post-credits ending was bad then youve obviously missed the whole point of the game. no matter what you did, how hard you fought, how many enemies you killed, Reach was going to fall. the ending was an absolutely perfect representation of this. you could play it for an hour, killing 100+ elites and grunts, but you will eventually fall. i thought it was an incredibly moving ending to the game.

i didnt have any problems with the story overall, thought it all worked well.

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XactGamer3129d ago

Everyone knows you never played Halo Reach or any Halo game ThatCanadianGuy. Hell everyone knows you don't even own a 360, your comments prove that.

THE MAX SPEED 213129d ago

CanadianGuy talking out his A** Like always this dude is the biggest troll ever. Taking into Consideration that Reach was BASED on the Books You had to Expect the Game ending reflecting that. This has nothing to do with Hype or not. Every Fan knew what was coming from the start. Only fools try to blame it on Hype.

Dread3129d ago

I am sorry but the story and the ending were amazing. In my opinion it was one of the best endings in a video game . Fighting till death! awesome.

bitboi3129d ago

the only coolest/ memorable moment in the whole story was when a certain some one caught a bullet in the head.

Blacktric3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

It was fun to play but the whole plot was completely predicteble. Not saying anything to multiplayer because it's mad fun. But single player is just passable. Especially considering how great campaigns the games before it had. I mean I'm thinking about the key points in the plot right now and most of them doesn't makes sense. Especially considering how Halo 3: ODST ended (if you played the both games you probably know what I'm talking about but I'm not gonna say anything).

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awi59513129d ago

If you dont have the balls to say this early then dont. You just want hits for your crap site.

Killed4Less3129d ago

Every day gaming journalism sinks into the abyss more and more..

Reach story was excellent and one of the most engaging yet. Beat the heck out of Halo 3 for me and the ending was something I didn't expect from a Halo game.

The Wood3129d ago

it was its gameplay that made it a hit

Bnet3433129d ago

What's a day without an article bashing Halo Reach for everything and anything. *yawn* -o-

Simco8763129d ago

People still care about this game?

I guess for two weeks at least.... then Halo is collecting dust (Black Ops will make sure of that)

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