Women In Gaming - A Little History

When video games first gained their popularity, they did so among some of the fringe elements of society; if you played video games, it was likely that you knew how to work computers, which then was very different from knowing how to surf the Internet on your bitchin’ iMac now, and was entirely uncommon.

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Aaronvir2911d ago

What a bitch... but damn did is she hot, and good at video games.

John Romero may be a cock, but he helped create the gaming world as we know it.

Crake2911d ago

I don't think we'll see strong female figures in gaming for a long time - not until the community as a whole grows up a little.
The chicks on G4 hardly have anything interesting to say, their no more than pretty faces, especially lately. Although, Morgan Webb was pretty cool back when X-Play was still decent.
Even Jade Raymond, producer of Assassins Creed, was sexualized by the community. There was that big controversy when some fans drew art of her giving a blow job.
Good job gamers - way you prove you're more then pent-up 14-year-olds.

TransferMePlease2911d ago

This article is pretty encouraging to see in two ways:
Firstly, like Crake says, it shows that not all of us gamers are immature and sexually retarded. K-Star, unusually, made a point that was actually pro-something without being a complete and utter douchenozzle, so that makes this first point that much more impressive.
Secondly, it's nice to see that the world of technology isn't strictly self-serving shit head men (as recently shown in 'The Social Network'), but women too.
As a final note, while it's been said millions of times already, I say it again; John Romero is a shithead.

CherryJul2911d ago

I'm a girl gamer and I found this article to be a little rude.

YeungLee2911d ago

women have been playing video games? WAHHHHH?

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