VA resume lists White Knight Chronicles II — Scrawl

Scrawl: "Daniel Taylor, who voices the role of Leonard in Sony Computer Entertainment’s White Knight Chronicles, has made an interesting update to his resume, recently."

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FACTUAL evidence3989d ago (Edited 3989d ago )

If I'll buy WKC2. Still didn't get the first, and it has priority over anything out ATM. My only gripe is this......this is why I don't think I'll buy 2...

Stunt3990d ago

Hopefully it'll come west.

Genecalypse3989d ago

Well doesnt the english VA for the main character probably mean it will

WildArmed3989d ago

Yeah looks like it is coming to the west <3

Quite frankly, I can wait for this to come..
I has no time to play ps3 atm.
So.. hopefully we'll see this just before summer :D

darthdevidem013989d ago

Please don't make the game mind numbingly boring this time

Signed - Just about everyone

nefertis3989d ago

wkc is like crack too me, wkc 2 D1B.