1UP Reviews Dynasty Warriors: Gundam (Ps3): 6.5/10

With everyone being excited about the release of games such as Warhawk and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 other game releases got overshadowed.

In this particular case however its in 1up´s opinion that this was probably the best thing that could happen to this game.

In short this is what they thought:

"Certainly, if you're into the Gundam story, you may find more value in the melodramatic character matchups. But for most folks, this is likely to be little more than a simple, mindless, overly repetitive diversion, offering plenty of reasons to play through multiple times, but little motivation."

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jay34069d ago


This game is AAA all the way man!

They nintendo fanbots!


Greysturm4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

Before fanboys start their flamewars, it got the same score on both versions but the link is directed to the ps3 review.

pilotpistolpete4069d ago

well, at least some reviews make sense.

Barreldragon004069d ago

I downloaded the demo and the game was pure crap i deleted the game in less then 10min.

Just a big steaming pile of shiit.

Maddens Raiders4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

I downloaded the game too and finished the little bugger. The stale, Saturday afternoon cartoon network acting killed it and the score is not surprising. There is something that made me keep playing -- I think it was the satisfaction of killing all of those galdammed robots in such a maniacally, repetitive manner (same combo, over and over) that gave me satisfaction to finish the demo based on principal -- as if getting to the end would be some huge exciting payoff. Needless to say I was dead wrong. Why do these Gundam games suck? I just don't understand.

Score seems dead on.

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