Vanquish: The Most Stellar and Overlooked Title This Fall

Ps3Center: "Vanquish, what can I say about this title? The visuals and gameplay shown during E3 blew everyone away and you would think that because of this, Sega would have a highly anticipated title on their hands, but things still didn’t seem to turn out that way. Lack of advertising and being overshadowed by many other AAA games released at a similar time made many people forget about it. This is why games that are going to hit in the Fall usually get delayed."

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knifefight2915d ago

Overlooked? I can't visit N4G without seeing at least 5 articles about it x_x

gaffyh2914d ago

It is a fantastic game though, but not much sales for it really if you think about it. So I can see why people would say overlooked.

rdgneoz32913d ago

Yep, looks great. I played both demos and liked them, just didn't feel like going out and paying $60 for a 4 hour game. I'll get it once the price drops.

nix2913d ago

i agree with rdgneoz3. it just doesn't have that 'x' factor that made me run n buy the game. i felt same for the Castlevania.

dorron2913d ago

I'm sure it is a great game, but I'm not paying full price (70€) for a game that can be beaten in 4 hours.