Loot Ninja's Warhawk Impressions

Loot Ninja got the retail version of Warhawk today from Sony for PS3 with the Jabra bluetooth headset. Their first impressions: this will be a must have for the PS3 if you like online shooters (the game is online only).

The game can have up to 4 people on each PS3 both offline and online. No other "next-gen" online games have supported 4 players on one console. Warhawk allows you to get 3 other friends at your house to play online against the world. Games support up to 32 players simultaneously. Loot Ninja has been in games with 32 players with absolutely no lag (for the record, they haven't seen any lag in Warhawk with the beta or final release). Warhawk has all your standard online modes, including Team Deathmatch, Zone Mode (territory holding), and Capture the Flag.

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fiercescuba4069d ago

Loot Ninja has the Bluray version, not the download. And let me tell you, it looks awesome.

drunkpandas4069d ago

If you don't already have a headset for the PS3 and are getting Warhawk, it's definitely worth it to grab the retail version. For $20 more you get a pretty decent bluetooth headset.

spammy_nooo4069d ago

im stuck at my grandparents house(grandma had surgery and grandpa is 'immobile'-cant even crap without me in the room) so i cant get out to get this game. im stuck here for a MONTH taking care of my grandparents 24/7. im gonna have to get somebody to pick it up for me i guess.

didnt know about the 4 players on one ps3 and online. at least i can have friends over here....just gotta get the game now!

DTClown4069d ago

Very cool of you to help out the old folks in times of need. Very cool.

drunkpandas4069d ago

I agree with DTClown. Very commendable!

fenderputty4069d ago

Ive been craving me some warhawk since the battle.

drunkpandas4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

Just wanted to point out that most the extra content on the Warhawk disc is okay at best. It's mostly videos that you can get on the PlayStation Store, except the Behind the Scenes, which is decent.

taz80804067d ago

I think I will just download the game. THe lazy in me doesnt want ot get off the couch. Can you delete and redownload later?
I wonder if they will patch it aand make it playable on PSP??? That would be sweet.