Six reasons the PS2 is the best system of all time

Ten years ago today, Sony released what would go on to become the world’s best selling game console. With 140 million units in people’s homes and games released to this very day, it’s lived the longest and healthiest life of any games machine we can think of. But what made it such an unparalleled success? How did Sony leave all its competitors in the dust when so many of that generation’s biggest hits were multiplatform releases?

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ReservoirDog3162966d ago

Haha, pfff, you only need one: MGS3.

Bobbykotickrulesz2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

I actually thought the Xbox was the superior console, although the PS2 did have some really fun games.


Spydiggity2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

LOL...never make the mistake of thinking these "gamers" can't be in denial.

at any rate...the best system of all time is the super nintendo.

as for the ps2...good system...sure. great system...hardly. ppl LOVE to criticize the 360 for the RRoD. no system has ever had a failure rate like the ps2 (although i'm sure i'll get a million disagrees from the same gamers-in-denial - only a MS product can be poorly made...not a sony product...that's just crazy talk).

lol, 8 disagrees in 10 minutes. should have known better, on n4g, than to suggest anything other than sony is the GREATEST company of all time and every system they make has 0 flaws. haha..."gamers"

bye bubbles >_<

lowcarb2966d ago

The best system of all time was the atari 2600.

Motorola2966d ago

I treated my PS2 like crap. Never cleaned it and would eject the disks t the wrong times all by accident of course but it never died. I think its hard to mess up at PS2.

Neko_Mega2966d ago

Maybe because PS2's fail rate hasn't last as long as the 360's?

An their is other systems out their that had bigger fail rates then the PS2, 360 is just one of this gen systems.

Old PS3's had a fail rate to, you can't name a system that didn't have some problems with it.

nickjkl2966d ago

hey ps2 im gonna let you finish but the ps3 is the greatest system of all time

darthv722966d ago

the 2600 was great till "the crash". My personal opinion is the Genesis is the best. It really lived up to its name (new beginning) and made other companies (nintendo) stand up and realize there is REAL competition to be had.

PS2 has a butt load of games, that is true. yet those games are devoid of soul and substance that was the days of 2D. Side scroll, top down, isometric...2D was king.

3D...yeah, genesis could do that (2.5D actually). Happy birthday PS2.

SkyCrawler2966d ago

The Gameboy(or any early gameboy) is the best gaming system. I'll hold back my reasons but I will say that it was my buddy during my early childhood. So many memories I've had with it and I'm grateful it gave heart for gaming. That's just my take though.

gaden_malak2966d ago

" (although i'm sure i'll get a million disagrees from the same gamers-in-denial - only a MS product can be poorly made...not a sony product...that's just crazy talk)"

So anyone who disagrees is a fanboy? Stop being arrogant and accept people have differing opinions.

pimpmaster2966d ago

PS1 is the greatest system of all time.

Godmars2902966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

Until ET and like games came along which nearly marked the literal death of the industry.

The PS2 "died" on a high note. Is still the best selling console.

thief2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )


I would claim PS1 was the best for slection of games, N64 for the best franchise reboots (zelda, mario) and Goldeneye, the first succesful concole shooter, and Dreamcast for the best and most innovative maunch line-up.

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NothingToGainButLove2966d ago

The system spoke for itself. No reasons even needed

NothingToGainButLove2966d ago

Ah it's still selling i forgot...

Well that's even more proof

vsr2966d ago

Same trend continues to xbox2. But every Playstation platform has prooved it's showcases everytime

FiftyFourPointTwo2966d ago

Six Reasons (no order)
1. Ico&SotC
2. KH1&2
3. MGS2&3
4. GoW1&2
5. ZoE1&2
6. Okami

zeddy2966d ago

metal gear 2+3 and gran turismo 3+4 were what made the ps2 for me.

xJxdOggyStYLe2966d ago

u are correct...ps2 failure rate was off the is a good forum/discussion about the 360/ps2 failure rates.....why u got diss's for stating what was true about the ps2 is kinda silly....fanboys get that mad over someone sayin anything bad about sony? rather pathetic...ps2 had massive fail rate.....fact

Information Minister2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

Care to back up your claims with some actual proof? The PS2 had some hardware issues during its first year on the market, but those were quickly fixed, and they're easily eclipsed by the 360's legendary failure rate. Furthermore, your wishful thinking isn't fact and calling a fanboy to all those who disagree isn't going to change that.

Attempting to save the reputation of your console of choice by pointing the finger at a more successful system is truly "kinda silly".

Spydiggity2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

saying that you dislike a company (like so many sony fanboys do) because RRoD is such a huge problem while simultaneously forgiving the other company for doing the exact same thing FIRST is kinda's down right hypocritical. but then again, fanboys are nothing if not hypocrites.

also, you can't ask a person for proof then not provide any yourself. you say RRoD eclipses ps2 failure rates and yet you offer nothing while asking for him for everything. so i guess it's pretty obvious which side of the hypocrite line you're on. and i suppose you realize you can get away with it on n4g cuz this community is, unfortunately, largely dominated by ppl who think just the way you do.

bottom line is, ps2 is not a great system. it was just first to market. original xbox was more powerful, came stock with a hard drive and network card, and ran multiplatform games better. speaking of hypocrites (which i always am when talking about fanboys) aren't these the same arguments ps3 fanboys make as to why ps3 is better than 360 (minus the running the multiplats better...that would just be a foolish argument for them to make)? curious....

EDIT: "The PS2 had some hardware issues during its first year on the market, but those were quickly fixed." this is just an outright lie. first of all, the system had a continuously high failure rate before they released the slims mainly because the disc drives stopped reading discs. THEN, after the slim launched they were plagued with a whole new problem of overheating. refer to my previous comment above about "gamers" in denial...cuz you definitely fit the bill.

IHateYouFanboys2966d ago

the sony lost MULTIPLE class action lawsuits over the PS2s failure rates. Microsoft has never lost ANY lawsuit over the 360s failure rate, let alone multiple class action ones - and its not from lack of people trying.

the PS2 is a great system, but it had probably the worst failure rate the industry has ever seen for a while there. funnily enough, so did the original playstation with its flimsy plastic rail for the laser-eye, which was guaranteed to fail if you played it long enough (and it wasnt long at all, a few hundred hours).

its funny that all the PS3 fanboys say 'sony know how to make hardware', when in reality they dont when it comes to consoles. every console theyve released has had major issues. the PS3 has just had the least, but even then the YLOD is pretty widespread.

xJxdOggyStYLe2966d ago

spydiggity just schooled u LOL i got nothing more to say, he pretty much summed it all up :)

Information Minister2965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )

@ xJx - I'll be happy to provide links with evidence, the minute you do so yourself. Not that I'm expecting you to do it because you've got "nothing more to say", probably because there's nothing you can say. You're apparently happy relying on others to do your work you, like a parasite. How's that for schooling?

@ Spydiggity - Well, you admit you're a hypocrite (which is probably why you expect evidence from me but not from xJx), so I guess it's only fair if I admit my judgment is skewed by the fact that I own a 9 year old PS2 in perfect working condition. However, make no mistake, I have first hand knowledge of the PS3's YLOD and I'm not blindly forgiving anyone. But you also have to admit the irony when you criticize me for demanding evidence while not providing any myself, and then doing exactly the same thing: "...the system had a continuously high failure rate before they released the slims mainly because the disc drives stopped reading discs. THEN, after the slim launched they were plagued with a whole new problem of overheating...". In fact, you were the first one to make accusations without providing evidence: " system has ever had a failure rate like the ps2...". Looks like I'm not the only one who fits the bill.

Spydiggity2965d ago

i realize it's easy for ppl like you to accuse to diffuse the point into obscurity.

i never demanded proof...YOU DID. don't try to turn anything around. so immature. YOU demanded proof after his comment. i simply said, how hypocritical for you to demand proof without providing any. how you turned that around in your head to justify your point is way beyond me. wait, n/m. you're a fanboy...and fanboys circumvent the use of logic to meet their desired ends.

Information Minister2965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )

Oh! I think I get it now... You're allowed to speak your mind and make whatever claims you see fit as long as you don't ask proof from other people doing it. That explains why you and xJx are able to say whatever you want and present it as fact, while aparently I'm not. Or maybe I'm not allowed to do it because I'm a (presumably PS3) fanboy, and exclusive rights on that matter are held by Microsoft fanboys like yourself and xJx./s

I never demanded proof FROM YOU! And I never said that you demanded them from me. In my previous comment I merely pointed out that you haven't felt the need to provide any evidence yourself, so why should I? I'm not turning anything around, you're expecting from me something that you were unable/unwilling to do so far. You don't get to criticize me for not providing evidence, when you're not doing it either.

I demanded proof from xJx because he presented his opinion as FACT, as is clearly visible by the use of the word FACT in his comment!!! Which implies that he knows what he's talking about and is in possession of information that can corroborate his comment. Then I submitted my opinion EXACTLY like you did at 1.1.2 and yet, in a supreme demonstration of hypocrisy, you called me out for it. If anyone here has the right to call me a hypocrite it's xJx, not you. Not only that, but you're calling me a fanboy for presenting my point of view just like you did, and I'm the immature one?

But I suppose that people "circumvent the use of logic" when they don't share your opinion, right?

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knightdarkbox2966d ago


SNES was the best. Everything else after that just seems like incremental improvements, although I've wondered whether I feel that way simply because I grew up in that era. Many current major franchises got their start on the SNES and many others who started earlier with the NES achieved their current cult status with their SNES versions. The first Mario Kart, DK Country, FF IV-VI, SNES Zelda, the list goes on and on.

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Bigpappy2966d ago

SALES say so. The Wii might beat that though.

Stealth20k2966d ago

sales dont mean jack shit in whats better

games made the ps2 better

ReservoirDog3162966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

Yeah, if you say so.

All_4_One2966d ago

Lol, no. The Wii will never catch the PS2, it hasn`t even beat out the PS1 yet.

The Wood2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

just facepalmed

what is this trend with people who prefer the 360 harping on about sales most of the time.

Granted it sold like an whore on heat but cant you see that it was the actual games that put it 'up there' NOT its sales. We enjoyed games dude not sales charts smh

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Apocalypse Shadow2966d ago

but i could come up with reasons why my nes,snes or dreamcast are the best systems of all time.

i liked ps2 a lot.but i had more fun on the other 3.

lastdual2966d ago

Yeah, I don't think anything will ever top the SNES for me, although the PS2 was pretty great. Still, many of my favorite games from that gen were actually on the GameCube.

Relientk772966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

Backwards compatible with Playstation 1, the other best system of all time

PS1 and PS2 FTW!


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