No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise is PS3 exclusive in US

It looks like the PS3 and 360 update No More Heroes - originally only on Wii - will be exclusive to PS3 in US.

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sinncross2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

PS3 exclusive in EU well: announced in August.

Awesome features too:
- HD graphics
- Dualshock 3 and Move support.
- Improved AI
- New game modes, including 'Robout Mode' which is Boss survival.
-'Viewer mode' allows all the cutscenes to be watched.
- Additional bosses
- Trophy support

Cajun Chicken2966d ago

Want. You'll see my love of 'Touchdown soon.

EYEamNUMBER12966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

wow 3 duplicate stories posted and not one person has even noticed this?

this is the 3rd time this same story has been posted already

vsr2966d ago

than Wii. xbox version impossible because it has no controller

EYEamNUMBER12966d ago

what are you talking about the 360 does have a version as of yet its only released in japan

hikayu2966d ago

so ... only japan is left ? what's the point ?!!!!!!!!!!!!! the 360 base in japan is the size of a pinky divide by half !

SeraphimBlade2966d ago

Port of the Wii-exclusive No More Heroes. Hack n' Slasher with utterly insane plot and characters. Desperate Struggle was better in my opinion, but we'll see what other improvements are offered.

InfectedDK2965d ago

Thank u for letting me know

Odin7772966d ago

Well it looks like me not buying a Wii has paid off. Maybe they'll bring Muramasa to PS3 as well, after playing Odin Sphere that's something I need to play.

Cajun Chicken2966d ago

Believe me, you'll want to play Desperate Struggle after this. If that doesn't arrive as a port, you still need a Wii.

jc485732966d ago

that is if the game sells well, then feelplus or suda51 might be interested in porting the game.

ABizzel12966d ago

The games sells will be determined by it's price. If it's a full price $60 PS3 game it's not going to do good. Even with HD graphics and all the other updates it's still a 3 year old game (counting from the Wii version), and no one is going to want to pay $60 for that.

If they really want to sell it should be $40 for the game, or $60 for the game bundled with a Move controller like the other Move games.

WLPowell2966d ago

really underappreciated... This and Dead Space Extraction will be welcomed on my PS3. I'll also take Monster Hunter tri HD remake as well.

ranmafandude2966d ago

i really don't need any other console until the ps4 comes out lool.

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The story is too old to be commented.