Pachter: Kinect Cannot Succeed Without Core Gamers

Microsoft's Kinect motion camera is getting ready for a blockbuster launch. It's already appeared on Oprah and Ellen DeGeneres and it's backed by a massive $500 million campaign. While the launch games are clearly all geared towards the casual, Wii-type audience, ultimately the success or failure of the device could hinge upon the core gamers, argues analyst Michael Pachter.

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donniebaseball2966d ago

Makes sense. It's probably those core gamers who would introduce the 360 to their wives, girlfriends or "non-gamer" buddies.

AAACE52966d ago

I would believe that, however, we all thought the Wii was going to fail because core gamers weren't impressed with the tech or line up... and you see how that turned out!

The potential success of Kinect is out of our (core gamers) hands. MS' marketing will push Kinect to where it is going. One of the reasons people bought into Wii and DS was because of the marketing. The DS had several celebrities do commercials for it. The Wii was on talk shows, news stations and had commercials that drew people in.

The one thing that Kinect has that could give it an edge over the competition is that it doesn't use a controller. Even though the Wii used fewer buttons on it's controller, some potential gamers still avoided it because of the buttons it had. Take the controller out all together and could see it as the perfect time to get into gaming!

Theoretically, when the Ps2 came out, the Ps1 became a kids console. And now that the Ps3 is out, the Ps2 is now a kids console. I think with Kinect coming out and being viewed as a new console launch, they are signaling that the next console could come out next year. Sony has done the same thing in the past, by redesigning the console to a slimmer version and then releasing a brand new console a year later.

But knowing MS, they will probably wait until 2012 to release a new console!

tinybigman2966d ago

I'm sure casuals will like it but this is not for me. i didn't buy the crappy games for Wii just the best games (usually from nintendo), or the 3rd party games that were great like RE4, Klonoa, Madworld etc.

so far those who are going to buy it have fun with it.

Bigpappy2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

But you would be surprise at how many core gamers like myself are actually buying this.

NYC_Gamer2966d ago

most of Kinect sales will come from the casual market

X_GAMER_X2966d ago

people just dont get it right?
Me and my fam are gonna enjoy it.

The games that has been announced in Tokyo game show sounds interesting, Specially the Horror game

Cant wait

sealion882966d ago

I can wait forever since there is already a haunted house in soho.

SmokexFFx2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

No, "people" get it, it's the "lames" that don't want to believe it. I'll be getting Kinect as well.

KillerPwned2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

A survival horror for kinect first time i ever seen this i hope it comes to NA its about time i see a decent good game for the hardware. I can see the hardware working well with that type of game. Still for me try before i buy.

The haunt game tho i don`t like that to much.

feelintheflow2966d ago

Can't wait, I love fitness games, and I love the potential.

donniebaseball2966d ago

I definitely agree it has big potential

Fishy Fingers2966d ago

Pachter and industrygamers are on a roll today huh.

KILLERAPP2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )


blackburn52966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

More Microsoft BS in coming. My 360 friends are damn pissed at this thing and they are core gamers. No core 360 owner is going to take this thing seriously with this line up. I mean how many Kinect dance parties are you going to have until you get bored. No matter what Microsoft says core 360 owners want games, not the mini game fest Microsoft has created.All that money could have made a dozen AAA exclusives and brought 4 game developers. I know Kinect will sell but don't expect 360 owner to be happy with it like everyone seems to be convinced they are. Trust me, all the 360 owners I know want it to die.

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