Telltale's Back to the Future Not Coming to Wii (Nintendo Life)

Quoting Nintendo Life's James Newton:

"We've been keeping you up to date with the development videos of Telltale's Back to the Future games, but a recent press release got us worried when it omitted Wii as a platform. We contacted Telltale and just received word that will upset many Wii-owning fans of Marty McFly's adventures."

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MGRogue20172912d ago (Edited 2912d ago )

... Sucks for the Wii gamers out there

sinncross2912d ago

Surprisingly there is no Xbox360 version in development either, though there is a PS3 version.

ChickeyCantor2912d ago (Edited 2912d ago )

Im not sure, this project doesn't seem that great though. not sure if its win win or "owned".

DlocDaBudSmoka2912d ago

console exclusive to ps3? see what i did there.

tunaks12912d ago

thats too bad,
ill just check out the pc version

Xander-RKoS2912d ago

It seems like such a perfect Wii game though....That is odd.

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