Pachter: Black Ops Won't Surpass Modern Warfare 2 Due to Treyarch and 'Hypercritical, Bitter' Press

The upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops is a huge release this holiday season and it could very well set entertainment records just as Modern Warfare 2 did, if you ask publisher Activision. The game's already seeing all-time record pre-orders at leading games retailer GameStop, but Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter is still skeptical about the game's chances to surpass Modern Warfare 2.

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donniebaseball2915d ago

The hype is pretty huge for Black Ops but I have a feeling it won't be able to top MW2 either. Funny comment about the press, probably some truth to it!

captain-obvious2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

yes it will Surpass Modern Warfare 2

mark my words
bookmark this page
im 100% sure that its true

if Pachter said anything the complete opposite happens

Winter47th2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

Actually, one of the main reasons why i'm buying Black Ops is because Treyarch's behind it, if it was Infinity Ward i'd be very damn skeptical after the clusterf*** that is MW2. They went too big and cocky for their own good that thousands of players playing MW2 online are having their first symptoms of severe high blood pressure and uncontrollable bursts of rage they never experienced before.

Domer252915d ago

It will be close, but the pre-orders are on track for surpassing MW2. The X factor will be if the rest of the public will buy in droves like last year.

My money is on dancing Elmo beating all of them.

DaTruth2915d ago

I would have thought that Black Ops wouldn't outsell MW2, but now that Pachter said it, Black Ops for the win!

KILLERAPP2915d ago

To Surpass Modern Warfare 2, it will have to sell 4.7 million copies worldwide in 24 hours and not even halo: Reach could do that and it also would have to sell over 20 million copies in it lifetime witch the amount that Modern Warfare 2 has sold until June of this year, all have to say is they won’t surpass there predecessor from here on COD will only decline…

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IMChampion2915d ago

I can agree with that. Most gamers know that it IW that brings the badassedness in Call of Duty titles and word of mouth too. The average consumers however looking at it will think its another title in the MW series too.

This is kinda ify, I really don't see it happening, but I do see it selling a lot since gamers are finally giving Treyarch a fighting chance.

crzyjackbauer2915d ago

i still cant forgive treyarch for COD3
and WAW was just a copy paste job with zombie mode
blackops looks better but still just too familiar
same engine same graphics and slightly diffrent multiplayer
im just going to wait for MW3
i know IW learned from the mistakes they made from MW2 online

right now im too busy with Reach

Fishy Fingers2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

I dont know any MW2 owners who arent getting Black Ops. Review scores, different developer (which most gamers dont even realise) or negativity from the gaming press (again which many gamers dont take notice of) shouldnt have that much of an impact on the games success.

Whether it sells as much as MW2 or not I dont know, but I think it looks the better game and there will be no shortage of gamers to play against on whatever platform you choose so it has little effect on me, or anyone for that matter.

It'll be the biggest game of the year and Activision will once again be running to the bank. Pre-order wise, isnt it already at the very least on track with MW2?

donniebaseball2915d ago

Yeah with preorders it's actually outpacing MW2 right now.

BrianG2915d ago

Hey whats up Fishy

names Brian, nice to meet you. Now you know someone thats not getting Black Ops that has MW2 haha. But really I'm not getting it cause my bro is buying it for his Xbox, I'll play it on there if I get the urge.

But you makes some good points

Fishy Fingers2915d ago

Haha, damn it Brian, now I have to go back and edit my comment.

gcolley2915d ago

i wont be getting it. maybe bargain bin one day but highly unlikely. i have wasted too much money on CoD that it feels like tony hawk pro skater all over again. buy it hoping there is something different from the last one, that just maybe i'll be able to go through some random doors for a change.

and now because COD is so successful it ruins games i do enjoy by being so damn successful that they want to be like CoD. i am looking at you EA and DICE(i know it was EAs doing). BFBC1 was a breathe of fresh air with it's semi-open world take on the genre. you could actually make your own decisions about how to complete the objective. you could fly around in a chopper for hours just blowing up trees etc. all the while having a blast and preparing for MP at the same time.

now what?

KILLERAPP2915d ago

Sales for Modern Warfare will only decline from here, since infinity wars is gone and they were the primary developers of the game, I see this game still living and kicking but it will never be the same monster that it once was. Now with Halo and Modern Warfare both leaving us one has to wonder what new game will take their place as top dog…

TroyAndAbed2915d ago

Honestly, I see either Killzone or Resistance taking the crown.

Odin7772915d ago

You know I would like to say Killzone just because I think it deserves it, but in reality I'd say Call of Duty is still going to remain on the top. People don't like change...and Call of Duty is the epitome of stasis.

KILLERAPP2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

Don’t forget next year, Rage also comes out and that looks really good and some other games that we have yet to see, is going to be a great year for gaming…

jjank112915d ago

Pachter should go blow a goat

captain-obvious2915d ago

that just made my day man

jjank112915d ago

SWEET, thanks!!!

I'm just sick of this Pachter dude. I'm going to refer to him as (butt)Packter from now on.

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