Modern Warfare 2, Halo: Reach MP unfazed by Medal of Honor launch

Raptr statistics indicate reboot of EA's signature series didn't dent online play of rival shooters.

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X_GAMER_X3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

I think the developers should delay their shooter game when its around Halo. They can not take the impact :D

To me Halo Reach is the only shooter I need for a long long time. Until Gears arrive
I will change between them.

Am skipping Killzone 3, My friend is gonna buy it so I will to enjoy it with him.
I say Try because Halo ruined every shooter for ME :D

No BO 4 me

Ares84PS33011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

...Killzone 3 isn't comming out anywhere near a Halo game.

Also I don't even think you own a PS3. You sound like an Xbox fan to me.

Halo & Gears.....what is this if isn't an Xbox fans favorite games?? :D

Obviously you will be skipping Killzone 3 like you skipped every other PS3 exclusive.

crzyjackbauer3010d ago

dude really
killzone online sucks
nobody plays Kz2 online
only like 5 broke ps3 owners who cant afford MW2

by the end of next year kz3 will be the same story

X_GAMER_X3010d ago

You dont think? Who do you think you are?
So what should I do? post a picture of my PS3 like every loser?

If you dont believe it its your problem, Knock your head in thew wall.

I Have almost every PS3 Exclusive.

IMChampion3011d ago

This is what happens when you treat your baby like crap. For a reboot they did a pretty shitty job with selecting the studio and engine used to make the game. You'd think they would made their own in-house proprietary engine and one of their better studios for resurrecting one of their best franchises but nope, they opted for the over-used UE3 and still failed at making a great game with 2/3 of the work already done.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the SP and MP but the SP was way too buggy and at times an eyesore. While the MP felt like it needed more work in terms of map design and character rankings. Better luck with MoH2, and next time you won't be getting my money so easily EA.

Solidus187-SCMilk3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

will we some day have a COD reboot called call of duty.

I think its funny that this game is called Medal of Honor, just like the first MoH.

They made another fast and the furious, but at least they put The in front of it so it didnt have the same name as the first.

Will the DMC reboot be called just devil may cry I wonder.

jjank113011d ago

DICE is actually pretty good at making FPS games but to release it between Halo Reach and COD BO was a huge HUGE blunder. The game seems rushed and could have used another 6 months of development or an update to the Frostbite engine like Frostbite 2.5 or something with some performance enhancements. Instead they basically took BF BC2 and dumbed it down.

Anyhow, I really do like the game. The patch and updates should be coming next week so hopefully that will address some of the glaring issues.

Close_Second3011d ago actually really fun, especially team objective. The only issues I have with it is that its too easy to get a killstreak as it seems like every few seconds someone is calling in air support.

I wish they would also do something about camping snipers as well. But that applies to the COD franchise as well. Limit the number of snipers to 1, maybe 2 per team.

sickbird3011d ago

Well MOH will be fazed buy Black Ops thats for sure. I'm pretty much done with it. After level 9 theres nothing left to unlock, nothing to play for. It's a fun game, but i don't see myself playing it much more.

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