Fallout: New Vegas - ALL Companion Locations

1.Boone - Novac
You can find him inside of the dino's mouth guarding the town of Novac after 9PM. You will need to complete the side quest "One For My Baby" that he gives you by talking to him in order for you to be able to recruit him to follow you.

2.ED-E - Primm
ED-E is a robotic companion that you can find in the town of Primm. It will be on the table inside of the Nash Residence. Once you repair him, his Side Quest "ED-E My Love" will become available.

3.Veronica - 188 Trading post
You can find Veronica at the 188 Trading Post, north of Vault 11 and El Dorado Dry Lake.You will just need to finish your discussion positively with her including positive things in relation to when she is asking about you about the Brotherhood of Steel.

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NewsForMe2966d ago

I'm with Boone and ED-E right now. Boone is very overpowered.

ASSASSYN 36o2965d ago

Yep I travel with those two also. Me and boon in power armour with two gauss guns.

Christopher2965d ago

ED-E is a great choice to have if you're a sniper. Something pops up on your radar from a mile away and you can take things out left and right without the mobs even figuring out where you are. Wipe out ghouls and ants in the same area with ease. Good xp.

FENDR2965d ago

i use boone and ed-e too and but somehow i got boones sniper rife and now i have to buy him a new one and give him ammo boone is getting expensive lol

visualb2965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )

best combo, agree boon is a bit over powered but becomes more balanced once you get to face deathclaws ='(

lily is useful too for those who want close range and sneaking.

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scar202965d ago

Wow im hearing good stuff i'm gonna have to get it..would u guys recommend it?

marcindpol2965d ago

sure get it. its a great game!

FENDR2965d ago

now that the patch is out i would recommend everything runs smoother and less freezing

N4OGs2965d ago

where do I find him again? I gave him a lot of my stuff to hold :/.

soundslike2965d ago

was the last time you saw him outside of lucky 38? after you go in the first time they are on "wait" command. Otherwise they might have had some pathing bug and will show up out of no where an hour later and scare the shit out of you.

Mikeyy2965d ago

If you go "mountain climbing" Boone will have to hike the long way around, like any companion, also if you enter the lucky 38 its easy to loose him since he gets automatically put on the wait command, you will either find him in the lobby or in the presidential suite.

ASSASSYN 36o2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

He will be back when you least expect it. I promise.

Allowen2965d ago

Veronica is quite powerfull with a power armor 51b and a Pushy (a named iron fist that does very HIGH dam).

I am disappointed with Cass and Lilly, both are weak when compared to other "human" companions.
Raul>Cass in dps.

soundslike2965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )

Boone is so noob-y to have around (playing on hard, still OP), I let him die and didn't reload, he did all the work before I could even smack a bitch 10 feet into the air with my bumper sword

Mikeyy2965d ago

Can you really hold it against Boone that he is such a bad ass?

doggg2965d ago

no but he can leave some kills for us

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