Pachter's Podium: Wii Will Be Best Selling Console This Holiday

In this month's Pachter's Podium, IG's regular interview column with Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst Michael Pachter, IndustryGamers talks with the analyst about the Wii's upcoming holiday season. Even though Wii sales have been down and it's now challenged by PlayStation Move and Microsoft's Kinect, Pachter sees the Wii coming out on top.

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donniebaseball3011d ago

Well Wii's managed it every holiday so far. Curious to see if they win the "holiday battle" again.

CrazyForGames3011d ago

they probably will during the holidays people just grab whatever they can get their hands on least in the US and with wii being the cheapest it will probably sell loads

Mahr3011d ago

"Curious to see if they win the "holiday battle" again."

If Pachter says they will, then they probably won't.

What a shame, the Wii had a good run.

donniebaseball3011d ago

They'll also have that new Wii Remote Plus bundled in Wiis this holiday as the new default Wii controller. That should help.