Call of Duty: Black Ops new Zombie mode Footage

Gamersmint writes : From what we can make out from the footage, the players seems to be using some kind of electricity gun against a horde of Nazi Zombies.

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That obviously just Verrukt from WaW with the "triple tap" and score mods.

Lulz, the people who approved this are retarded...

Jacobite2911d ago

Funny thing that you said that, my son said the same thing watching it.

soccerstar2912d ago

yep thats verruct from WaW and probably a j-tag running a mod for that ray gun

BlueEye2912d ago

No, pretty sure that's just WAW, that's the Ray Gun, there is no electricity effect, the blue color is some kind of screen malfunction, I have had it myself and the Ray Gun's shots looked pretty much just like that, and I saw the title of the gun, what do you know "Ray Gun". So yeah, fake.

Paralex2912d ago

Fake. It's just World at War on a crappy CRT TV.

Simco8762912d ago

When are they going to show the Zombie mode? I mean the game is two weeks away!

IaMs122911d ago

Glad they arent actually, if its as good or better then WaW they dont need to. I want it too be a surprise, like it was for WaW for me.

Devs need to make games where people get there money worth or content, gameplay and modes etc. But i love it when they do all that then BAM throw in that little secret mode after beating a game. its awesome and brings back the good old days

WiiPS3beats3602912d ago

It's verruct but I think that it's the redone version that comes with the hardened and prestige editions of black ops

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The story is too old to be commented.