Demo Impressions: Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom...a title to hold us over until The Last Guardian?

The demo for Namco Bandai's new game: Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom just hit XBox Live this morning. We played it and here's our impressions.

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maawdawg2918d ago

It is interesting and something different from the norm. I will give it a rent through Gamefly and play through it to check it out. The demo got me interested in a game that I had known very little about up until now. I guess it did its job.

AAACE52918d ago

Everything about this game seemed like it was specifically designed for the Ps3! If I hadn't been playing it on 360, I would have thought it was a Ps3 exclusive!

pork_chop_express2918d ago

I enjoyed the demo, but ur right it looked like a 360 exclusive lol shame if it had been ps3 exclusive it might have had decent graphics as well.

kmr19772918d ago

Yes, Im looking forward to this one too.

guru95352918d ago

played it this morning, nothing special though.

vortis2918d ago

So-called gaming journalists these days really say stupid stuff.

"Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom...a title to hold us over until The Last Guardian?"

As if to say that if a game is multi-platform it's instantly a "hold me off" title until an exclusive comes along?

I'm glad when games like CoD, Borderlands, etc., out-sell the Halos and the KillZones just to prove that some games can retain a sense of originality and hold its own without being a console exclusive.

Cenobia2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

That just sounds like a knee jerk reaction.

The title used here isn't even used in the actual article.

Also, TLG has a lot more devoted into it's development and a dev team with a 100% awesome ratio. Sales has nothing to do with quality.

Bathyj2918d ago

Who said its because its multiplat?

TLG is highly anticipated and generally expected to be a masterpiece.

This game is relativly unknown with similar game mechanics. Face it, it looks like a knock off.

Would it irritate you much to learn I only bought Forza to hold me off til the next GT came out? Hell, same reason I got an X360 for that matter.

Dont hate me, people make do with things till something better (or at least more wanted to them) comes along all the time.

Vegeta90002918d ago

This game looks and plays nothing like The Last Guardian (based off what was said about TLG's gameplay). I don't see how this game can hold me over for a different game that I am actually anticipating (unlike this one). It's like saying that Rock Band 3 will hold me over until Killzone 3.

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