No Quickscoping Means Less Players in Black Ops?

One of the main components of Modern Warfare Two that is popular amongst players is the ability to quick scope. Regardless about your views on the matter, it’s a big reason why many people play the game...

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RayRay362917d ago

Quick scoping is retarded. I dont think people realize all your doing is exploiting the aim-assist. Hopefully they take the aim-assist off period. No more gay snipers and no more BS kills. Well... You know what I mean...

mordakai82917d ago

if you watch gameplay of black ops, you can see quick scope footage, so clearly it isn't that much removed

xHarvey2917d ago

They said that it's going to change for the final version of the game. They're going to gimp it even more.

AKissFromDaddy2917d ago


Where's your proof?

-Alpha2917d ago

No, he's right, the community manager of Black Ops confirmed it via Twitter

TheBlackSmoke2917d ago

Buh Buh it waz my own leet skillz! whats aim assist?

BulletProofVess2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

but if you look at this game and compare it to the originals it continues to get more and more casual with every new release

aim assist
op secondary's/primary's mp40 ump burst guns

quick scoping wasn't that bad as most of the maps were too small to sit back and snipe or "hardscope"
i think to gimp an already underpowered class is a bad decision
as sniping how many think they should just resulted in hit markers

DaCajun2917d ago

If as you say the maps are to small for snipers to hardscope as you call it then maybe sniper rifles should not be in the game. Why put them in a game and make them overpowered just to have them in it, other than to be annoying.

Personally I think with the size of COD maps the only weapons in the game should be medium to close range weapons. There are other games out there better suited for sniping either that or maybe they should design a few large maps for COD to utilize sniping but don't see that happening anytime soon since COD is all about the instant gratification.

MasterGuru2917d ago

Some of my friends are canceling their pre-order, so yeah, I believe less people will play it although the vast majority will still be there. The aim assist doesn't help much. If you actually TRIED quickscoping, you'd know what I mean. To quickscope, you need the analog to be precise. Your target must first be in between your crosshairs and after that is done, you have to zoom in and adjust to where your enemy is and BANG! There is nothing assisting you so YOU ARE WRONG.

Some people will still like to think snipers depend on the aim assist a lot because some snipers are just so precise, it's unbelievable. The only thing that is affected by aim-assist is the normal guns all of you tards use like the overpowered M16 or the AK.

TengkuAmir102917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

Well, I changed my mind. I'm not canceling my pre-order. The community would be nothing without me. So, lets play Black Ops when it releases. I swear in the name of my God, I'll camp so HARD, everyone will get annoyed. Trust me, I'm a really good player when I don't camp and when I camp, I'm an EXTREMELY good player. Claymores are my friends and I get pwn all of you as usual with my Chopper Gunner. What setup should I use?..hmmmmm...I'd take the M16 and use an RPG as a secondary..Like it or not..Imma do all of that just to piss the community who banned quickscoping..Sorry guys! Happy gaming on the 9th!

frostypants2916d ago

Quickscopers get their shot off without ever actually looking through the scope and they do not have to make any manual adjustments. You might THINK you are, but the game is doing it for you.'s not your l33t sk1llz.

Heisenberg2916d ago

" I'm an EXTREMELY good player. I get pwn all of you as usual with my Chopper Gunner. Like it or not..Imma do all of that just to piss the community "

Oooo... I bet that line gets you laid all the time huh? ...Actually to be honest I didn't understand a word you said, I'm usually fairly adept at translating 'Angry Geek' to English, but yours seems to be of a strange, thick, douchey dialect, that I simply cannot understand... What a shame

Spydiggity2916d ago

they should just take sniper rifles out of FPS all together. nothing says coward like a noob in the corner sniping ppl while everyone else is getting their hands dirty. learn 2 play

Mmmkay2916d ago

snipers are supposed to be far away.....

Spydiggity2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

which is why i said they should take them outta the game. no sniper rifles. not leave the sniper rifle in there and then run in the middle where the ppl with real skill hang out.

snipers are noobs in every console game i've ever played. as soon as you get on em, they're done. they rely on you being distracted by someone else (that actually has some balls) to get the kill.

in every game that likes to brag about its physics on console, sniper rifle always seems to be the exception to the rule which is why they are so effective. every other gun must be shot more steady for accuracy...but not the can be running around like an idiot and still zoom in completely steady and shoot a dude in the foot and you get the kill. it's a no skill weapon for no skill players.

Panthers2916d ago

^^ Then you never played Socom 1 or 2. Those games has sniping right. Quick scoping was nearly impossible, and if someone ran up on you, you had to pull out your pistol.

kparks2916d ago

#1 master.. no1 cares about u or ur gay friends i could care less if u play or not! And i have done plenty of QS and it does aim assist u idiot!!! AND#2 Tang STFU dude i wish could catch u in a match and kick ur ass keep trash talkin BS out of here ur kd is prolly under 1.00 like the rest of the ppl that talk trash they all suck

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xHarvey2917d ago

@AKiss it was posted here on N4G.
Heres the source

iPad2917d ago

The quickscopers are literally crying and act like it's the end of the world.

Lol. Have you guys seen the commentaries on youtube?

thesithfreak2917d ago

because they are very well aware that they suck ass without it

Sony3602916d ago

Guess they'll have to use some strategy, timing, and actual skill to be a decent sniper instead of exploiting an easy-mode aim mechanic.

Poor babies.


Also the level of Campers is ridiculous, most MW2 Campers/Noobs will move to Black Ops, will be again infested with the worst.

zeddy2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

how about a mode were you can quickscope so all you pussies who got this fun gameplay removed dont moan? there was plently wrong with mw2 but quickscoping was way down on the list. last stand for example, you kill someone yet they're still alive, you waste some extra bullets and arent garanteed to kill him, he kills you and someone else steals your kill tell me thats not more annoying than getting quickscoped?

frostypants2916d ago

It's not more annoying, because it's far less common than quickscoping, and it's also not an exploit.

Quickscoping, as it's an EXPLOIT and not an intended feature of the game, is technically against the Live terms of service. I report people who do it.

Soldierone2916d ago

Lmao, you mean you quickscope a guy he falls into last stand, since your too noobish to switch to a handgun or be smart enough to aim down, he kills you before you can get the gun aimed.

Never had an issue with last stand.

ReservoirDog3162917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

Just stay in mw2. Everyone else will get black ops. You won't be missed.

And that's exactly right RayRay36. Quickscoping (in CoD at least, don't know about anything else) is 99.9999994% aim assist. There's no skill involved.

TengkuAmir102917d ago

Then why isn't everyone quickscoping in MW2? That list also includes you. How did you not quickscope in MW2? COS YOU WERE NOT ABLE TO DO IT. ADMIT IT. IT TAKES RAW SKILL. Tell me what's the "skill" in using the M16 or the AK? It's fully automatic, no skill about it. SNIPERS TAKES SKILL. Maybe I should challenge you now and see if you're as good as you sound.

wsoutlaw872916d ago

if it takes such "raw skill" then why are there so many people who do it. I did it on my first time. you just have to be looking in someones direction and you get a kill the aim assist is way easy. If you actually thought your self a good sniper then you would play a harder game. Everyone else doesn't do it because its gay. who wants to use a sniper to run around and kill people up close. it doesn't make any sense so it shouldn't be in the game.

ReservoirDog3162916d ago

With qs, all you have to do is look in the general direction and the aim assist does the rest. That's all there is to it. Normal sniping takes skill.

And I don't like the ak. Never liked the feel of it in any game. And I'm not saying I'm the greatest player ever. I'm good but not anywhere close to great. I just don't like exploiting things. It's not my style.

And I never once ever tried to qs. I snipe occasionally but I don't go for overpowered stuff. Grenade launchers, qs ect. I just stick with smgs or the fal.

And I only play mw2 with my friend. Mainly throwing knife fights. So I'll have to decline your offer. Sorry.

homer2916d ago

You only play MW2 with your friend? I sense bs. Anyways, play Battlefield and Medal of honor if you want awesome snipers. I don't know if you can qs with those though.

frostypants2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

Quickscoping is all aim assist. You THINK you're in control, but you're not.

Quickscopers are like a baby in the backseat with a toy steering wheel that thinks it's actually driving daddy's car.

ReservoirDog3162916d ago

Haha, trust me on that. I only play with my friend. We haven't played in awhile though cause she started college. That's the only reason I'd play mw2's multiplayer. I don't even like multiplayer!

cyberwaffles2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

its hard to balance a COD game. i mean the snipers and shotguns are essentially useless because the assault rifles, even SMGs and LMGS, can drop anyone within a few hits and offer far range.

i felt bad for all the snipers in MW2 (to some degree) because the maps were so small and the assault rifles covered just about any range on the map. and then the shotguns are useless because no matter how small the maps are, people with the assault rifle have an immediate advantage over you as long as you have a decent amount of distance between the opponent.

i know this is off topic, but i think halo reach achieved a perfect balance with their weapons. each weapon is actually useful for their range-specific intentions. you can't use the assault rifle in full auto-long distance range like you can in COD which allows the sniper rifle to prove its usage and the shotgun has an immediate advantage close range like it should.

kparks2916d ago

u do alot of shit talking hit me up on mw2 if u got a ps3 and ill record it and post me kicking ur ass all over n4g dont even bother if ur kd aint over 2.00

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avengers19782916d ago

If you need quickscoping to do well then maybe MP shooters aren't for you.

cyberwaffles2916d ago

and now with a collective gamer...AMEN!

soccerstar2916d ago

they have to be joking, quickscoping was one of the many reasons my friends and I quit Modern batshit 2 a long time ago

cyberwaffles2916d ago

dumbest article headline i've read in a long time. seriously, is the kid 8?

princejb1342916d ago

quickscoping is so fake
like common i see people quick sniping from accross the map and hitting their target

solar2916d ago

aim assist is an exploit by itself.

thank you consoles /s

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Sabre_G2917d ago

The people who used quick scoping will just find another ability/hack/glitch to use to make the game unbalanced. It just will be a matter of time before there are a list of new terms to replace quickscoping, tactical insertion boosting etc.

crzyjackbauer2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

exactly there will always be some crying gang of n00bs yelling about something the get pwned with
they should just be no aim assist at all
its way too easy to get kill just aim near the body and pull the right trigger to get auto aim

Soldierone2916d ago

Yeah making the game harder isnt a good idea. Look at Medal of Honor. It actually requires a higher amount of skill and is a bit harder. Nothing but complaints from the COD noobs.

samoon2917d ago

I don't see what's so unbalanced about it. I don't hate it, but don't like it either. Personally, I've only seen quickscoping occur in private matches, in public matches, but only ones that are sniper lobbies.

gtsentry2917d ago

i only quickscope in private matches for fun,or if i feel like playin around in real matches

Ace Killa 082917d ago

thats good 2 out only 189927 to go in the whole CODMW2 players that are currently playing. Seriously theres more than just private matches and i have been in SnD matches, FFA, Ground War, and TDM i have come the average quickscope idiot every now and then, and very few have i come up with the whole team trying to do it. but its out there, not just in private matches; if it were then it would be still in Black ops

xYLeinen2917d ago

All I can say is that the quickscoping community is very large.

Beahmscream2917d ago

And I couldn't care less about em! :D

TengkuAmir102917d ago

No but Treyarch does! You don't get the money, remember??

edhe2916d ago

What would Treyarch care? they're going to get millions of sales off th eback of mw2 anyway.

cyberwaffles2916d ago

yeah, its suprising how so many people are literally addicted to quickscoping. met so many players online where all they do is have private matches for quickscoping. i think thats the fucking lamest thing on the planet to do in a FPS. how is that even fun when you're really not earning your kills?

ultramoot2917d ago

No auto-aim means better quality of players. 'Nuff said.

RememberThe3572917d ago

Better quality of players means less people playing. Just saying.

LarsoVanguard2917d ago

Good. Turn the unskilled off quickly, I say, so they lose interest and junk up another game.

Garrus_Vakarian2917d ago

The bad people can just go to Reach and armor lock it up.

Oldman1002917d ago

They should make it so that the higher your rank the less aim assist is available to you. So when you first start at level 1 you have full aim assist and as you progress to max rank the assist will reduce every level until you reach the max rank. When you're max rank you'll have no aim assist what-so-ever.

duplissi2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

^ or just turn the aim assist off alltogether... if i have the option its one of the first things i do(medal of honor gives you the option). you will find it difficult at first but in the end you will be a better player.

aim assist has no place in competitive multiplayer, campaign i can somehow understand.

aim assist for the fucking loss.

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