Gameroni retro review: Dreamfall: The Longest Journey

Lewis Denby: "Have you played Dreamfall? Are you ever likely to? If you have, or you aren’t, then I want to show you something. Here, take a seat. This will only take a few minutes."

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bluebogle2966d ago

Just read the review and really enjoyed it. I recently played the first one and was impressed with the story telling. Hope to pick this one up in a few months (after all the neat holiday game releases.)

k2d2966d ago

The Prequel; The Longest Journey is still better. Best story in a adventure game, while not as funny as The Monkey Island series.

gaden_malak2966d ago

Always wanted to play these games.

southernbanana2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

I finally bought and played the longest Journey about six months ago. It is one of those games that was much better than I had expected. Never played the first one, but I hear it was even better story wise.

karl2966d ago

i played the longest journey years ago.. awesome game

i also heard the prequel was even better. .but had to many problems running it on vista.. crash many times couldnt finisht it sadly =(

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