G4TV: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II Review

The base gameplay is unquestionably a refinement of what was loose and clunky in the first game. It’s worth a rental, but be prepared to wonder where the last third of your game went as the credits roll.

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rroded2966d ago

"we’ll be paying through the nose for DLC to see the end of a story we already paid $60 for"

same goes double for the new fallout the old ones dlc is still worth 50 on psn crazy they make more money on the dlc then the game i bet.

Dread2966d ago

yep this new trend is very ominous. They sell you the game for $60, Then you have to pay for DLC that is already in the disk you BOUGHT! that is bull shi&

no matter were you stand in this stupid console war, we should all come together as gamers and oppose this new kind of theft.

peace and happy gaming.

Gambit072966d ago

This is why I NEVER buy DLC.

KillerPwned2966d ago

This game is not long at all around 5-6hrs give or take. I`d give it a rent unless u can get it cheap. Or just wait till it ships with all the DLC that will be probably next holiday season.

ranma68992966d ago

you get 3 levels techinally unleashed had more then this