Xbox 360 Event Shows Off Best Blockbusters of Upcoming Season

It's not all about Halo 3 at the Xbox 360 media showcase. Gamers, you've been warned: the next crop of Xbox 360 games will let you bend time, race hovercrafts and play drums. Digital Journal takes you inside the hottest new games yet to be released.

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ThaGeNeCySt4070d ago

*yawn* @ Fatal Inertia and NBA Live 2008

jcgamer4070d ago

*chirps* *crickets* where is Mass Effect, PGR4, Call of Duty 4...Fatal Inertia, you must be kidding...I cringed when I saw that one

Dr Pepper4070d ago

No Mass Effect? Hmmmm...

BlazinEurasian4070d ago

Someone make a list of 360 exclusives. I need to see if I need a 360.

PS360PCROCKS4070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )

Off top of my head for the ones that interest me and are/look to be awesome...
Halo 3 (It's Halo...)
Bioshock (Amazing)
Mass Effect (Looks amazing)
PGR4 (Always awesome)
COD 4 (Look at the graphics!)
Rock Band
Stranglehold (demo is so fun)
Guitar Hero 3
Blue Dragon (if your into that sort of thing)
Ace Combat 6
Assassins Creed

I'm sure their is some I'm missing but most of those are console exclusive and 4 of those are most likely GOTY contenders in Halo 3, Bioshock, Mass Effect and Call Of Duty 4.

edit: Oh and next year we know nothing about yet but their is already some great titles...Haze, UT3, Maybe Gears of war 2, Fable 2, Banjo Kazooie, Splinter Cell, Too Human, Alan Wake, and Halo Wars...once again probably some I am missing.

FCOLitsjustagame4070d ago

Only about half of those are exclusives and some of them may just be timed exclusives. Actually at the moment a lot of games are by default timed exclusives due to programing difficulties with the PS3, but I am sure those are getting worked out and some publishers will even hold back games to make sure they get a simultaneous release.

PS360PCROCKS4070d ago

Um COD4, Haze, UT3, rock band, stranglehold and guitar hero 3 are the only ones that are not exclusive. oh and assassins creed