Review: NBA 2K11 -- Examiner

2K Sports has created some grand sport titles this year. MLB 2K10 was a massive upgrade over the horrendous MLB 2K9 offering and they are now looking to strike gold with their basketball franchise. The biggest aspect of the game that will get people buzzing over it is the inclusion of Michael Jordon. When 2K announced that Michael Jordon would be present in NBA 2K11, the news spread like a wildfire and arguably became the biggest basketball news of 2010 – sorry Miami Heat. With the greatest basketball player of all-time in the new title, you had to wonder whether this was just a brilliant marketing ploy to get people interested in the game or was there actually some good substance to be had with the title. Thankfully, 2K crafted a game that is worthy to have Michael Jordon on the cover and grace it because NBA 2K11 is without question the best basketball game ever.

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