Review: The Shoot -- Examiner

One of the longest running genres in gaming is the on-rail shooter. Making the genre famous was originally the arcade thanks to titles like Time Crisis and House of the Dead. Over the years, the on-rail shooter has undergone some slight changes to cater to the new gaming audience, but at the core the gameplay of each and every on-rail shooter is identical and offers the same basic premise: shoot everything on the screen. Since the introduction of the Wii controller, several on-rail shooters have been released on Nintendo’s Wii and now with the Move controller available to the masses, Sony is also looking for some classic on-rail support. Currently, there are two on-rail shooters supporting Move; Namco Bandai’s Time Crisis: Razing Storm and Sony’s new IP, The Shoot. With unique settings and a more unique concept behind it, The Shoot looks to offer some classic on-rail shooting fun.

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