TVG: Fable III Review

Somewhat fittingly, this is the Fable to rule them all. Its revolutionary themes complement the series' trademark gameplay style exceedingly well, bringing a murkier side to crucial player choices that make impending decisions all the more engaging. It's still an RPG for the masses, but then it was always going to be really. The question is, can you keep the masses happy as ruler of Albion?

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xYLeinen2912d ago

I don't got a Xbox 360 so I'm watching a guy doing a play through on youtube. I gotta admit that my fingers are ITCHING >_>

Bobbykotickrulesz2912d ago

If I had my truck today, I'd just go rent it at cockbuster, see if it's worth the buy, and then keep the game all for myself.

gta_manic2912d ago

and i'm really interested in the game right now

jack who2912d ago

oh too pick this up