Dead Nation – Hands On Zombie Killin’ Preview - RipTen

Dead Nation is not your average Zombie game, rather it’s an action packed well polished gem with lots of promise.

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wakash2966d ago

another zombie game, hmmm haven't heard much of this one yet

Sandwich Bender2966d ago

Don't you mean "another zombie game?!" with an excited tone? ANOTHER ZOMBIE GAME!

KingNintendoFanboy2966d ago

But it isn't Zombies Ate My Neighbors.

Redlogic2966d ago

dude, i wish!! that was my first co-op love affair. god damn that was a great game

CrzyFooL2966d ago

omfg Zombies ate my neighbors. Lucas Arts needs to remake that game NOW.

beavis4play2966d ago

but dead nation looks to be kick-ass too.....i'm buying as soon as it hits psn.

CrzyFooL2966d ago

So it's pretty much Alien Swarm with Zombies? They already have this game on Steam for like $3. Zombie Shooter!!


Valay2966d ago

This game should be getting more attention!

CrzyFooL2966d ago

Top down L4D whoop de doo!! I've had enough of zombies!!!

aselah2966d ago

lol how can you have too many zombies??

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The story is too old to be commented.