Joystiq: Fable 3 Review - Join the Evolution

If you were concerned that Lionhead's mandate to streamline the game was at odds with how much content you managed to extract out of Fable 2, you may have been right. Fable 3 doesn't strive to introduce new mechanics but is instead pre-occupied with fixing and streamlining existing ones. But if Fable 2's unwieldy menus kept you from much of the amazing content that game had to offer, you're going to like what Lionhead's built for you. While it's puzzling to watch so much effort go into streamlining Fable 2's already superb design without fixing its obvious technical shortcomings, try not to let that distract you from what remains an exceptional game. It may not be revolutionary, but it is royally fun.

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HeavenlySnipes2912d ago

if they reduce the kiddiness of the game. I want a more epic adventure type game with a compelling story and I don't know, a challenge for once. I swear reply to this comment if you finished Fable 2 without dying on your first playthrough.

Bobbykotickrulesz2912d ago

Could you even die in the game? lol.

HeavenlySnipes2912d ago

I never even got close so....

bananlol2912d ago (Edited 2912d ago )

I never died, spam repell and youre set. But i dont even think you can die because i left the character standing next to some monsters and ten minutes later he was still alive.

Sarcasm2912d ago

Hey wait a minute, when did Joystiq start adding scores?

Mcardle2912d ago

I Pre-ordered cause I love me some Fable, BUT i have concerns over the lack of an expression wheel, plus i'd rather it had stayed in the original Jack of Blades timeline. More Fantasy.