Gamers Plan To Rally On The Steps Of The Supreme Court

SystemLink: "Gamers are a plucky bunch. After years of being kicked around by the bigger boys and called bad names, we're ready to unleash our nerd rage on the rest of the world. Starting with the capital of the USA."

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drsnobby2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

This law should be struck down for all time.give them an inch and they,ll take it,s the parents decision to decide what is appropriate for there children not the government.all media hinges on this landmark case.lets not stand on the side line and be silent,lets get in the game and save the industry that we love and cherrish.

MVGeneral2918d ago

Let them win here, and other states and countries would follow suit. Im suprised MS is not taking them to court.

Valay2918d ago

I just wonder if anything will come out of it!

Pin-Pin-Ire2918d ago

I am wondering if this includes the Terminator 3 game that was released a few years back :D