South Park creators sign deal to create new South Park games

Trey Parker and Matt Stone have signed a new deal with Comedy Central that ensures South Park will be on the air until 2011 and also paves the way for new South Park video games:

"[Parker and Stone] have agreed to create a hub to spread South Park-related material across the Net, mobile platforms, and video games."

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GoLeafsGo4069d ago

W00t..we're getting a 14th season......b00yah =D

Robotz Rule4069d ago

South Park rocks!:D

Please give me a next-gen South Park game:)

resistance1004069d ago

bring back south park rally

I know it wasn't great, but it was so fun and random :D

SwiderMan4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

Did anyone else enjoy the N64 SP games? The Colorado fog was *really* thick in those Acclaim-published games, but they were rent-worthy time-wasters considering the lack of 64 titles. But everyone bashes those games... am I the only one that liked them?

KingJFS4067d ago

Yes, dear god, yes. They all sucked... and sucked hard.

Although Chef's Luv Shack was fun for about five minutes. Then in the sixth minute you wanted to chuck the controller across the room.