The Bitbag Review: Fable III

Who would have thought that we would have a sequel to Fable II so soon? The Lionhead produced action RPG sold very well and pushed the series that started on the Xbox to new levels. 2yrs later comes Fable III. You continue your adventures in Albion once again but this time it’s to start a revolution. Can Peter Molyneux and company improve on the AAA title that stormed the holidays in 2008?

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RoX_TimE_BomB2918d ago

good review Tor... sounds like a good sequel

tacosRcool2917d ago

Yes it does and it does sound like a good buy as well.

pixelsword2917d ago

Great review, but what happened to rapping them out? I loved that, it was the most creative review I've ever seen.

tordavis2917d ago

Not all of them will be rapped. That would take months. I'm working on one now though.

pixelsword2917d ago

Yeah, that's true. it's a mix of a review and music, so it would take some planning.