The Worst Review Ever Written. Period.

A recent Rock Band 3 review from a major site was quite simply the worst review ever written and a perfect reason why people should not allow reviewers to influence their decision to buy a game or not.


Official BattleStrats Review:

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lostinplace2918d ago

Couldn't agree more. Guys a complete moron.

King_many_layers2918d ago

and that's putting it lightly, I find it hard to believe that they were once my only portal for game information.

Their reviews are getting shorter, more opinion ridden and less informative than they have ever once been. The grading for Games make little to no sense at times when you compare them to their words and final review scores.

Objectivity and a sense of unity in terms of how games of slightly different genres are becoming increasingly distant within their pieces.

It's a sad time when you can read more informative words in a preview than you can in a review.

and here's an example for you:

ico922918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

IGN are far to inconsistent for my liking, some of their reviews are either too harsh or too high, take Bayonetta for the PS3 they done the exact same thing that the entire gaming media done for the Orange Box, they over exaggerated, did anyone actually play the orange box it was nowhere near as bad as the media said it to be, the exact same with
IGN's Bayonetta review,
i've played both versions and imo Bayonetta is not 9.6 worthy i wouldn't give it anything above a 9.0 and no the PS3 version isn't that bad, the 360 version isn't even that much better, IGN were being overly critical, their reviews are totally unreliable.

ChineseDemocracy2918d ago

I used to use IGN as a benchmark score that would make or break my decision to buy a game. Over the pass couple of years, however, it's been a downward spiral of inconsistency.

Metacritic is my friend.

Beefstew4u2918d ago

The Orange Box on ps3 was actually pretty bad. I never finished half life 2 because the framerate was so poor in some areas (literally a slideshow sometimes). Portal was playable, but it got pretty framey near the end.

I don't see why people are always harping on IGN all the time anyway. Some people need to remember that a review is an opinion piece. It's what the reviewer thinks of the game. Whether you agree with their opinion or not does not matter.
Listen to some of their podcasts and get to know the IGN editors a little better. They're all great guys (and girls) who enjoy writing about what they think of a game. No fanboyism, no money hats, just their own personal opinions.

tacosRcool2918d ago

IGN has gone on a downward spiral. Most reviews are way too inconsistent and it makes me wonder what incentives are being tossed around for reviews. Metacritic is alright since their scoring system for letter grades is quite unfair. Like a B- = 67. That isn't fair.

nix2918d ago

are we all talking about IGN's review system... wow count me in then.

EeJLP-2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

Orange Box for PS3 isn't 'bad'. Yes the framerate gets out of wack at times.. but that's why it double saves. If it starts getting out of wack, you don't load up the out of wack save file, you load up the secondary file and you're good to go until it happens again.

From what I can remember, Half-Life 2 and Portal each got crazy on me about 5-7 times. That's it. Not fun, but not a deal breaker when we're talking days of good gameplay.. and like I showed above, it's a very simple fix.

King_many_layers2918d ago

That's where my problem is with these types of reviews. The fact that they are so heavily opinion based coupled with the fact that they have stronger and more informative preview pieces than what is provided in their reviews. That is where things become a problem.

Personal opinion will always find it's way into a review, BUT it really ought to just be in touches as to whether something worked or not. I want to read about all that the game offers, if I was new to Videogames I would not have learnt much about New Vegas from that Review. I understand tha it's a sequel, but it's a sequel with so much in it that I feel a 2 page review just doesn't cut it considering the game can last 100+ hours.

DTMBSquid2917d ago

IGN is terrible for reviews. They get some decent news stuff, but their reviews are all over the place

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TheLastGuardian2918d ago

WTF IGN? Why just get some random guy to review this awesome game? I haven't seen any written reviews that scored this game lower than a 9/10 and that makes me so excited. I knew this game was going to be good but OMG these review scores are better than any game so far this fall.

My keyboard and game are coming tomorrow and I can't wait. I was never going to buy the Pro guitar but they shouldn't have bashed it in the review like that. There is another RB3 guitar that doubles as a real guitar.

badz1492918d ago

they will give it 9/10 at least! again...Kotick knows this!

BkaY2918d ago

reviews are opinions.... and i honestly dont care.... there are many games which score below 7.. and i still enjoyed em more than games got the free passes..

how i select my games...

1... demos
if i like/enjoy the demo... i normally buy it..

2... fav series.. like MGS, GeOW, GOW etc

buy it day one..

3.. if i am not sure... then i do some research by watching gameplay movies or reading articles... i read reviews just find out what reviewer loved and hated about that game... (dont care about the scores)


nix2918d ago

sometimes i'm smart enough to not pick up my fav franchises... like NFS games. i can smell crap a mile away. q: but i agree with your ways.

Scary692917d ago

@ BKay
I am with you when it comes to purchasing a game. Also if I am not sure about the game and even after some research I still cannot decide I usually rent the game.(best option) Other then that NEVER EVER base your game purchase on reviews because you will be missing out on a lot.

avengers19782918d ago

It's IGN who cares.
I stopped listening to what they had to say a long time ago.

Beast_Master2917d ago

That Hillary Goldstein wrote the review? HE IS THE EDITOR AND CHIEF OF IGN... so that should answer your questions as to why IGN is in the dumpster right now.

wquach2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

I've followed IGN closely since the PSOne days and they have definitely been on a downhill spiral - in terms of content and quality.

Former great editors like Dan Adams, Adam Douglas, Chris Roper, and Jeremy Dunham are all but gone and replaced by idiots like Goldstein. Goldstein's been a huge part of the 360 team, and is a clear fanboy of the system in general. Even besides that, you can tell from his review on Rock Band 3 that his writing is not only godawful but contradictory in places.

IGN's written reviews in general have been cut down. The reason why people turned to IGN in the past for reviews (or why I used to go there) was because their reviews were epically comprehensive, spanning possibly 5 or more pages, clearly breaking down and covering every aspect of the game (from design to graphics, sound, etc.)

With the introduction of "Video Reviews," which all but hash bits and pieces of their written review, they've reduced their written reviews to 2-3 pages. That and the editors seem more content with only briefly covering a game. The scores are also extremely all over the place. Big name exclusives/multi-plat scores have typically been inflated (GTAIV - 10, Resistance 2 - 9.5, CoD Modern Warfare 2 - 9.5). More recently now, they've gone in the opposite - downscoring most games.

Now they seem more focused on trying to keep up with up-to-date news sites like N4G by reducing their reviews and upping simple news articles, and providing their "daily update" vids.

Gone are their once hilarious and quality Weekly Update videos that didn't simply regurgitate news, but included original content, etc.

Now they include new opinion pieces which simply spark fanboy wars and are made to garner hits; I was disgusted with Miller's "Mass Effect 2 is better than Uncharted 2" article basically shoving down readers' throats that they MUST accept ME2 being better.

And lastly, the fact that they are able to take Pachter's predictions/rumors as having more weight than even Sony's announcements; recent example being how Pachter predicted only 300,000 Move controllers were sold in the U.S. with IGN reporting the launch based off of that as "modest." But when Sony announced that 1 million units were shipped, IGN didn't retract anything about listening to Pachter - they instead downplayed the million number by questioning its validity given that it was a "shipped" number.

Beast_Master2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

Totally agree. Will add that they now have guys that review games that have no business reviewing that genre of game. For instance, they use to have the RPG/JRPG guy (Ryan Clements) that would do all the RPGs, Racing games would have Roeper, FPS titles would have a guy that was a huge FPS fan. (Greg Miller would stand around being fat til a wrestling game came out)

Now you have Clements, the RPG guy doing Vanquish? Dameon Hatfield who is the weird Techno geek that reviews Iphone and handheld games reviewing the 3d Castlevannia? No wonder why the reviews are inconsistant. This site is falling to pieces. What business does Fanboy Hillary Goldstein have reviewing music games?

King-Leonidas2917d ago

Bobby paid IGN to review it

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Chuk52918d ago

Lately, Ign's reviews have been all over the place. The fable 3 review was pretty damn vague, the New Vegas review stressed how bad the bugs are, and the dj hero 2 review said it wasn't as good as DJ hero 1, yet it's better in every conceivable way. The only reviewer at ign a truly trust is Arthur Gies.

gaden_malak2918d ago

IGN has been downhill for awhile and their site is a pain to navigate.

imoutofthecontest2918d ago

I have no idea why people reference IGN's pages as if it's the Bible of game reviews.

gaden_malak2918d ago

Because they used to be good I guess?

swice2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

They used to be really good

DTMBSquid2917d ago

They used to be OK... never really thought them to be good

Suicide2918d ago

IGN's reviews in general are terrible. Those IGNoramus shall be punished.

distorted_reality2918d ago

Wouldn't that be "ignoramii"?

ExplosionSauce2918d ago

Well technically they have reviewed the same game several times before(music games)
The addition of the keyboard is new though :P

Alright, sorry, I was being d*k lol

gamerdude1322918d ago

Man, Hilary Goldstein is really friggin' IGNorant.