Rumor: Platinum Xbox 360 & HD-DVD = $900

A store employee is claiming that a Microsoft representative told him that the Xbox 360's add-on HD-DVD drive will be more expensive than what has been previously

If you want to find out how much it 'might' be, then Read the full story...

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this is waaaaaay not true

funny that anyone would believe this.

GamerX25385d ago

M$ already said the HD-DVD add on would be the cheapest player on the market(OFFICIAL STATEMENT)
But Still ....funny Article

HaHa5385d ago

didn't you know that microsoft are the biggest liers and that they have a relationship with lucifer :P hahaha this is too funny i remeber peter moore saying with his STUPID tatoo that gta4 is xbox exclusive. and just minutes later the press was saying this not true hahahaha i love how desperate they are i really do it entertains moí

ACE5385d ago

who posted this? , was it a sony droid cos u dudes r desparete for bad news on the 360 lol lol lol lol....

this post is a joke lol lol lol lol lol

only sony droids would believe it lol lol lol lol

Silver3605385d ago

Peter moore said GTA would launch on 360 same day as PS3. He said there would be exclusive downloadable content for the 360. You know stuff like new maps only for the 360 new weapons. Clean your ears or listen to the whole speech before making comments.

Thugbot1875385d ago

haha both sides lie, but let's take a bit of common sense here. The source of this article was from a guy who said a Microsoft employee was in the store saying it would cost this much. 1 could have been a Sony guy saying this or some bum of the street. Second we know Microsoft said they don’t need a lot of parts for the HD DVD player it will use xbox 360 as the hardware part, with that the current HD-DVD out on the market is around $500 dollars, so $900 seems a bit like someone was making this up. Please use some Common Sense, and actually think …

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TheMART5385d ago

Hahaha ofcourse, when the standalone HD-DVD player costs 500 euro/dollar with all the hardwaredecoding on board. The HD-DVD add on from MS does all the hardwarecoding on hardware of the 360.

For real, it's not the 1st of April. No time for jokes like this man

TheMART5385d ago

oh wait, the news is a rumour made by one of the 'news agents' of a PS3 Freaking Fony Fanboy site.

Well what could we expect else? Connected to Sony they do the same as Ken: lies, lies, lies

Captain Tuttle5385d ago

Or worse, if the player cost $1000 I still have the CHOICE whether I want to buy it or not. I choose not to. With a PS3 I don't have the choice and have to pay more money for hardware I don't want or need.

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