Gran Turismo 5 releasing on Dec 8 according to Amazon?

GamingBolt: Amazon.FR has put up an rather interesting release date of Dec 8 for Gran Turismo 5. It interestingly shares the same day (Wednesday) with its previous release date of Nov 3rd.

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gameseveryday2966d ago

Release the damn thing already guys!

joydestroy2966d ago

yeah ditto. no need to guess. if it comes in december, awesome. if it slips to 2011, okay. nothing we can do about it by guessing and/or complaining lol

hennessey862966d ago

the only people who know when its going to be released are sony and pd. Companys are just guessing so people will buy the game with a release date attached to it

FrankenLife2966d ago

The day this game passes cert is the day we get a release date, and not a day sooner.

iPad2966d ago

Sony CAN'T say No to Black Friday. It HAS to be released before or on Black Friday

jony_dols2966d ago

I was in GAME (VG store) in Dublin at the weekend,
and they said that they were 100% sure that they would have the game in store on Nov 5th....

They said that they had just received a release update from SCEE on Friday the 22nd October, and they had just put up GT5 release posters.........

Who knows?

Suicide2966d ago

Patience fallen one. PD wants GT5 to be perfection, so they can't rush it. It will come soon; hopefully before Christmas.

GigaGaia2966d ago

Yeah, they want it to be perfect, but they used a song from My chemical Romance as the theme song. This just destroyed all the perfection they had.

jammy_702966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

Your right! It might be an amazing game but its beyond the joke of how long it's taken/ been delayed. I remember a mag saying 'release 2007'

steve30x2966d ago

Are you not used to people disagreeing for no apparent reason on N4G yet? I see it all the time.

Tachyon_Nova2966d ago

What's pathetic about this article is that the original date was 2nd for America, 4th for australia and 5th for Europe.....

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cyborg2966d ago

just like the numerous others before this one But PD should make an official announcement soon so all these internet detective get some rest

steve30x2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

Some Idiot seems to think we are wrong.

Hold on a minute guess who disagreed with me reporting this as a Guestimate.

cyborg | 15m ago
guesswork might proved true and amazon france has a record of outing accurate guesses

You also Disagreed with anzagi? Make up your mind.

But you say different in your post. WTF?

RedDead2966d ago

Again with guesses...(lights flame, Heads for amazon headquaters)

GamerSciz2966d ago

But my mom said I can't play with I will bring a bat instead :)

OT: Also waiting for official word. I can only imagine we will hear something right around the initial release date of Nov 2. *My speculation*

cygnuszero22966d ago

You are probably closer to being right than amazon is.

Narutone662966d ago

release date for Gear3? I think it will be delayed until 2012.

PS-_-GAMER2966d ago

I Havent Seen footage of Black off being play on PS3

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The story is too old to be commented.