Evil Avatar: Vanquish Review

Evil Avatar: Time to smoke cigarettes and Russian robots.

Vanquish comes to you by way of Platinum Games. Captains of cool, alternative Japanese videogame products, their most recent titles include MadWorld, the ultra-violent Wii combat game, and Bayonetta, sexy witch alternative to Devil May Cry. The former is still in shrink-wrap, my copy sitting abandoned in a drawer. The latter is one of my favorite games in recent times - a heady trip through constant stimulation, variety and an exciting combat system. Regardless of my opinion on those titles, both have a distinctly Eastern flavor. Vanquish wears its inspiration on its armour covered sleeve - calling on Gears of War and its army of diligent, cover-based followers. Now Gears is just about the most American thing in gaming, so as a starting point for a wild mix of Japanese craziness it seemed like an odd choice.

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