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CyberConnect2 faced a huge challenge when developing Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2, but Namco Bandai Games had faith in their abilities and they were duly rewarded. Ninja Storm 2 is a wonderful game that is worthy of note, not just for the hardcore fans of the hugely popular anime franchise. With a flowing and weaving 15 hour single player storyline, the game follows the narrative of the series faithfully as it builds admirably on the franchise’s first outing Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm.

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simplesteve3625d ago

i really loved the first in this series, so i'm expecting this one to be awesome. this is the first review that's given it nearly a 9/10 though, so are reviewers finally being stingey with their marks, or is this generous??! gunna get it regardless though!!

jimbojones993625d ago

g8t game worth 10/10. cause it aint COD or FIFA they wont ever r8 it. an awesome OMGWTF moment in it!

jinofthesheep3625d ago

not sure it's a perfect 10 out of 10 to be fair. although i can't speak for everyone, the score of 89/100 is in my opinion a fair score.

with regards to the "OMGWTF" moment, it is a brilliant moment but you have to fit into a small category to feel it. you have to:
a) watched the orginal anime series/read the original manga/played the first ninja storm
b) haven't got any knowledge of what happens in the shippuden series

if you've not watched it before you won't get why it's so important, whilst if you've seen the shippuden series you know what's going to happen. as such, not a lot of people will really understand it. if you do fit those criteria, it is a brilliant moment though!

jinofthesheep3625d ago

this isn't being generous, this is a fair reflection on what's a well made title. it has it's shortfalls (lack of anything outside of fights/main story is annoying) but overall it's a very well made game. well worth playing even if you're not a naruto fan, but if you are this is practically a must play title.

simplesteve3625d ago

fair play. im a HUGE fan of the series, but the bad part of the series has to be the cost recapping and flashbacks, so a game that cuts most of that out is good news lol! oh and yea, ive watched shippuden so i can guess the moment youre on about...

Raider693625d ago

I really hope CyberConnect2 get on delivering on theres next project for Capcom-ASURA'S WRATH!

GameScrub3625d ago

It bothers me there is no training mode because all the characters just use bbb Ubbb Lbbb Dbbb

I would have liked a way to combo that is not predetermined. I know I connected and assist from GAI into Rock Lee throw or BBB combos but they where just random.

I would like to time my b attacks to delay or speed up so that people smashing block can't get guaranteed replacement jutsu or that they can't spam support while getting hit.

Don't get me wrong I love naruto and all of the characters. Still playing it trying to figure stuff out with support and better ways to bait players with Rock Lee.

But the game feels limited.

SpaceFox3625d ago

The actual fighting is fine, it's simple and intense. But there is strategy to it, play against good players and you'll find yourself getting owned if you don't think first. I used to just rush in with the Chakra Dash and my IRL friends always owned me.

But I do wish there was a training mode where the enemy doesn't take damage, just to get used to certain characters a bit easier. Don't know why they left that out.

Other than that, no complaints. Great game, worth the money, and I'm not even a fan of Naruto.

Redempteur3625d ago

the combos with the strikers are not random just don't know how to trigger them .

by the way you missed a lot of things ... try to use the chakra bouton while comboing ..if pressed at the right time , you can chain whole set of new moves for your character.

this game is about the moves AND the timing you use them it might be just B for you but you can get more especially if your opponent know how to play

BkaY3625d ago

i am sick of all those flash backs and fillers.... there isnt a worthy episode after naruto "talked Pain to death"... i will get this game down the track..


jinofthesheep3625d ago

definitely a good aspect to the game is the fact that it reduces the flashbacks to only whats relevant and even then they're pretty short. know what you mean though, that's why i stopped watching the series!

firetaw3625d ago

time flys wen you dont keep track. if only gt5 would come out already.