15 of the Most Bad Ass Swords in Video Games [VID]

GB writes: "You all like killing people in video games, don’t you (or maybe, just killing people in general)? Liquid Snake once said to Solid Snake: “You enjoy all the killing, that’s why.” Games have become a medium to satisfy oneself via virtual killing. And what better way to slice somebody’s head or pull of an arm with a sword. But, we need cool, powerful swords for that, don’t we?"

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VersusEM2917d ago

the sword of a thousand truths

darthv722917d ago

not only did she have a bad ass sword but her whole body is BAD ASS!

King-Leonidas2917d ago

Blade of chaos and Rebellion

uzair212917d ago

Its missing the sword of Lara

kratos1232917d ago

Blade of Olympus fore my

R_aVe_N2917d ago

Seriously they had to put videos for each one a screen shot wouldn't work? I am sorry I am not going to watch 15 videos with adds on each one that is such a waste of time.

NoBias2917d ago

Was thinking the same thing. I lasted all of 10 seconds on that website.

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The story is too old to be commented.