10 Actors That Should Be In Fable IV

Fable III is out today in the US and this Friday in the UK, and is crammed full of British acting talent. Here's who we'd like to see make it into the next game. If such a thing exists, of course

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jimbojones992917d ago

not very imaginative list. here's 10 thatd be better:

ozzy osbourne
karl pilkington
billy connolly
david beckham
alan carr
justin lee collins
ian holloway
the queen (or just anyone from the royal family)
michael palin
johnny vegas

Yi-Long2917d ago

...I'd rather see Fable IV have some challenging gameplay and a great epic story!

Baka-akaB2916d ago

i think it would just be better to wait for another rpg serie anyway .

If anything F3 proves it wont shift from the formula that made it a success .

TroyAndAbed2916d ago


Fable III has Stephen Fry and Simon Pegg. That's awesome! That's it though...

Wanna look at another RPG?

Haley Joel Osment
Rachel Leigh Cook
David Gallagher
Hayden Panettiere
Jesse McCartney
Brittany snow
Christopher Lee
Will Friedle
Zac Braff
Gilbert Gotfried
James Earl Jones
Angela Lansbury
Cheech Marin
Pat Morita
James Woods

tommyth3cat2916d ago

There is a severe lack of Jeremy Clarkson on that list.

Corrwin2916d ago

I think we've heard the extent of Cowell's ability by now. What would he play? A Judge of some kind I imagine. How droll.

creeping judas2916d ago

He could judge how well you make pies??

Corrwin2915d ago

Actually it would be pretty funny in-game if he were in prison or something and always reviewing the guards, the meals, the state of the prison.

Right up to the public execution.

We can dream, right?


That should provide a more immersive gaming experience.